first beach trip

I love family trips to the beach, partly because it’s one of the few places you can take kids where the parents might actually be able to relax.  Sort of.  A week ago, we checked out the city of Vina del Mar, then drove up the coast looking for a quieter beach, which we found.  We hadn’t brought swimsuits — not quite warm enough for that yet — but picnicking, walking on the beach, playing in the sand, putting our feet in the water, and flying a kite (which we bought from a street vendor) were all on our agenda.  It was lovely and fun until our kids ended up getting wetter than we’d planned (predictable), and we couldn’t convince Thomas to stay out of the hypothermia-inducing water.  We finally gave up and bundled him into the car, where the other boys promptly stripped off their wet, sandy jeans and rode the 90 minutes home in their underwear.

Sitting (or chasing a toddler) on the beach is soul-satisfying and renewing.  I’m looking forward to many warm days in the sand.


4 thoughts on “first beach trip

  1. Katy

    This is when you should start collecting small bottles of sand as a momento. Just think of all the cool places you are going to need to remember after you leave South America.
    We already have half a dozen small bottles collected and it’s fun to the variation between the bottles. I will have to post a picture on my blog that I have been woefully neglecting.

  2. liz Post author

    Katy, believe it or not, that seems like an ambitious project to me — I can just see myself with random baggies of sand spilled in different areas of my house, some with no labels, never getting around to finding just the right bottles — i just know myself too well. I’m doing really well to get the camera out on these adventures. The kids would enjoy the sand collecting, though, so we’ll see. Did you end up finding bottles and labels that you like?

    1. Katy

      I found some $1 bottles at a local craft store (Pat Catan’s). Not the cool apothecary bottles that were in Martha Stewart, but the price tag was much more my speed. I just use the brother p-touch labeler that Kris got for work for the labels. Each of the bottles have the location and date we visited. We added the GPS coordinates this year, because it goes along with Kris’ geocaching. I took a picture of the bottles I will but in my blog. I still wish we started earlier and picked up some sand when we were Oregon with you. We aren’t likely to get back there anytime soon. I am going to post it today, and try to get back in the blogging habit.


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