fiestas patrias

We feel honored to have been here in Chile for their bicentennial.  I am woefully unschooled as to South American history, but several countries have their bicentennial this year.  1810 must have been a bad year for Spain.  The weekend left me feeling like maybe we didn’t do it quite right — was there some parade or rodeo or fireworks display that would have really given us the feel of the celebration?  Something to figure out for next year.  Still, we had a lovely long weekend.

These traditional-style dresses were available everywhere for purchase.  So cute.

I took this picture from the car window.  The kids made a game of counting Chilean flags, which were flying everywhere.  Very patriotic.My battery died before the food came (it was brand new and must have been a dud).  Empanadas and lots of meat cooked on a grill are the traditional foods this time of year, but as you can see, the kids were pretty happy with their own can of Pepsi.  The rest of this (un-photographed) event at a park in Santiago included booths, bounce houses, overpriced light-up toys, and junk food.  Not much different from what we’d find back home!


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