spring break

We haven’t gotten used to being Southern Hemisphere-ites yet. It feels like it should be spring right now after all that winter, but it doesn’t feel like we should be getting ready for Halloween at the same time.

Our kids have been out of school this week. They don’t actually call it Spring Break — it’s in honor of Chilean Independence Day, called Fiestas Patrias or sometimes just Dieciocho (18 for September 18th) — but the timing is definitely a welcome to spring. We’ll attend some local celebrations this weekend, and hopefully I’ll have some fun pictures to post of the food, the dancing, etc. but during the week, we mostly just stayed home.  The weather has been perfect, and even though Matt was gone for three of the days, we’ve been relaxed and I haven’t lost my mind. It makes me so darn happy when kids entertain themselves…

Chasing the bunny around the yard.  No one but me can catch him — he’s fast!

Snacks on the new patio furniture — please notice the apple core and the orange peel on that table.  Just keepin’ it real here.

The real fun, as usual, was the big boxes and bubble wrap the furniture came in.

Big enough for four kids — they closed the flaps and were telling ghost stories.  That’s our cute friend Sophie.Always plenty of this.  Makes me so happy.This was an obstacle course (my suggestion, but kid-designed).  They spent quite a bit of time working on this, then timing each other.  When they got tired of that, there was a big squirt gun fight, which it isn’t quite warm enough for.

And then there was this.  As you can see, Thomas can reach everything on the countertops near his high chair.  Usually it’s a handful of butter from the butter dish, but today it was two open bags of dry beans.  (Why am I so stupid?)

It was on every square inch of the kitchen floor, and I had to laugh, because Mary helped do this yesterday.

It took him quite a while to clean it all up.


2 thoughts on “spring break

  1. Robin

    Haha! Do you let the bunny run around inside the house? Just wondering if some of those beans weren’t beans…

    Cute furniture! Looks comfy! Are your kids excited to try out the pool soon, now that it’s getting warmer?


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