mi casa en Chile — parte dos

This photo gives you sense of the terrace and backyard.  That’s our cute neighbor, Santiago (he’s not from Santiago, if you’re wondering).  The kids aren’t going to be too happy when we buy furniture for the terrace…Proof that my baby boy is a walker now.  Also proof that we don’t necessarily think getting dressed is a requirement for playing outside.Mary’s cute room.  The movers gave me a hard time about my “princesa” when they realized her bed was twice the size of the boys’ beds.  In Spanish, but I got the message.  That bed frame is only $100 at IKEA if you like it.

Sam’s room is really a bonus room, with funny architecture and no closet, but he’s happy to have his own space, as you can see.  I think this school break has been pretty dull for the kids, but they are lamenting the imminent start of school, so I guess they’ve enjoyed the relaxation.Ben’s room is nice and big, but comes with a baby brother.Jon keeps his little room ultra-tidy.  As you can see, he is currently eschewing haircuts, but he’s so nice to his every-present little sister, we’re letting that go for now.  These two kids have a “club” right now with lots of rules, codes, and secrets.  It is very cute.


One thought on “mi casa en Chile — parte dos

  1. Amy Randall

    Hope every thing is going good. We all miss you around here. Laura keeps saying theres mary’s house every time we go to church and Brad and Spencer miss there friends.
    I found out this last week that Sean’s cousin lives down there. Her first name is Nancy and Sean thinks her husbands name is John but he can not remember there last name, sorry. Im shore it’s such a small place you know just who they are ha ha.
    Love reading your blog and finding out how your doing.
    Hope all is well
    Amy Randall


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