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We’re not giving up on the old computer,which is still in the shop, but Matt did a rather chivalrous (dare I say romantic?) thing last week and bought me a new MacBook!  He is traveling a fair amount, and the kids and I need to be able to get online, for fun, for our sanity, and almost every day for homework.  Also, we’ve had an anniversary, a Mother’s Day, and my birthday (otherwise known as Matt’s annual guilt-fest) since we’ve been here with nary a celebration.  My only gifts have been kitchen appliances with 220 plugs.  (That was a joke.)  So this is a great big present for me.

The new Mac is fun, and I’m sure once I get the hang of it, I’ll love it as much as all of you other Mac users.  AND I can finally post some photos, after all of these weeks.  I don’t usually put so many in one post, so just scroll through fast unless you’re my mother.

A happy moment in our old house, dying Easter eggs:

Everything we own in boxes — when you ship internationally, even the furniture needs to be boxed (note the helpful Spanish labeling):

The container where all of our things have been for six week.  Sure hope it doesn’t leak.

At the Salt Lake Airport.  We were quite a spectacle — two strollers, three carseats, thirteen suitcases, ten or so carry-on bags.  Oh, and seven people.

The kitchen of our tiny apart-hotel.  We were only there a little over a week, luckily.  Ben and Jon are modeling their cute school uniforms — they both have both styles.  The middle and high schoolers (which includes Sam) don’t wear uniforms and look just a sloppy as teenagers in the U.S.

It was so sunny the week we moved in that the kids were sure our pool would be warm enough for swimming.  It wasn’t.  It’s fall here, remember?

Mary’s preschool celebrated the Battle of Iquique.  Her hat says “Armada de Chile.”

Our house.  This (newish) neighborhood feels almost like a North American subdivision, not very typical of Chile.

The view from our driveway.  I’ll have to get some better “view” pictures.  We live right at the foot of the Andes, and it is beautiful.


11 thoughts on “random photos

  1. Jacque

    So exciting! The only sad thing is that you completely missed summer…and summer vacation for the kids. They have to jump into a new school year. Weird.

  2. Robin

    Wow! This just totally reinforced to me the fact that you are actually living in another country! That kitchen is teeny! I bet you’re glad to be in your house now. When do we get to see pictures of the inside? What an awesome view! Do they have hiking trails and stuff nearby? How is Mary doing in her preschool? It’s all in Spanish, right? That would be so hard! We miss you guys. Keep the pictures coming!

  3. Marla

    I love the pictures. And I cannot wait to see your kitchen, appliances and a trip to the grocery store!

  4. liz Post author

    Jacque, I was pretty bummed about missing summer, too, but winter here is pretty mild. Right now, which should be the equivalent of early December, it’s chilly enough for a jacket or light coat in the morning, but I still need the a/c in the car in the afternoon some days. Also, the kids have a month-long winter break in two weeks. Not so bad.

    Robin, I was kind of waiting for our furniture to arrive before taking pictures of the inside, but maybe I should share the emptiness. I believe there are hiking trails near here, but haven’t really looked into it yet. Mary tells me she doesn’t want to go to school most days, but once we get going she’s ok and seems to like it. School is conducted in Spanish, but several of the kids and teachers speak English, so it’s not too scary for her really. I’ll do a post about how everyone’s doing with Spanish soon,

    Marla, I think you just planned my next three posts! Thanks!

  5. Rachel Owens

    YAY! for pictures … so glad you guys are doing well… and that your in your house WITH a computer! Hope you enjoy the fall!

  6. Vicki Lambert

    I check every day to see if there’s a post from you. Today was a great day! It was wonderful to see the photos, and I’m so glad Matt got you that nice computer–you deserve it. We miss you like crazy! Love, Vicki

  7. Jill

    I cried when I saw the pictures. I am homesick this week and just wanted to reach out and hug you. I am so glad you live in a beautiful place with a beautiful home. More pics, more writings, use that MAC! Missing you.

  8. Jennifer

    THANK YOU for the pictures!! I too have been anxiously waiting to see what life is like for you through pictures as well. Guess what my Sam said? We are leaving on our trip on Thurs. and he said, can we fly by where Mary lives? He still wants desperately to come visit Mary. Too bad we are going the opposite direction. He misses her a lot. We ALL miss you a lot and love the posts so please keep them coming!!!

  9. Brianne

    Liz, It’s great to see some pictures! Looks lovely. Glad to hear you guys are adjusting well. It’s weird to pass by SLC and know you guys aren’t there anymore! Congrats on the MacBook, that’s way exciting!


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