so lost today

I wrote this last Monday, almost a week ago, but couldn’t post it because the internet access was so poor in our hotel.  I’m posting it now so I’ll remember that day, but things have gotten much easier now!

Not hopelessly lost, since I knew I was in the right general area and recognized many of the street names.  Still, I had all five kids in the car, we had already braved the uniform store (Ben and Jon will wear uniforms to school) and Lider, which is a little like a Super-Walmart (it’s actually owned by Wal-mart, which is great news for people who want to buy peanut butter in Chile), and it was well past lunch time.  And it took me about an hour to find our hotel.  I may have in fact cried at one point.

Here’s the thing.  Taking all five kids to Wal-mart in the U.S. would make me feel like crying, too.  Also, if I was in any major U.S. city driving a minivan full of kids around, it would be hard to navigate.  Matt and I once got horribly lost in Boston.  In other words, none of this is Chile’s fault.  And it will get better.  Our kids will start school, so I can do errands without them.  We’ll move into our house, which is in a much easier, more suburban area.

Life is good.  All is well.  Thanks for all of the kind thoughts and prayers.


One thought on “so lost today

  1. Amy Brinton

    I’ve so enjoyed these posts! When I was in high school I was called as the ward organist for the Spanish-speaking branch in our area. Although I knew “high school Spanish,” I was mostly lost. I learned to use the phrase “como se dice” in just about every other sentence (sorry, I can’t do the accents, but you get the idea–it’s “how do you say”).


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