here we are in Chile

I know I should post about the details of the past week, but it just feels a little too overwhelming tonight.  I did put a couple of things on Facebook, but thought I’d post here in case anyone has been checking the blog and wondering how things are going.  We arrived Tuesday morning, and everyone is well.  We are living in a hotel right now, but barring delays (and if you’ve ever lived in South America you’ll know I’m saying that with tongue-in-cheek), we should be able to move into our house this week — possibly Wednesday afternoon.  We’ll be camping out with very little furniture for a month or so, but it will still be better than a hotel.

We went to church today.  Did you know Mormons go to church for three hours?  It feels LONGER when you don’t understand anything that’s being said!  People are very warm here, though, and since our children are going to an English-speaking school, we feel good about being immersed in Spanish at church.  It FEELS the same, just gives me a headache from trying so hard to understand.

I might start posting every day for awhile, if I can, so I can remember the challenges of these early days.  We’re going to love it here, but there are certainly challenges.  More coming soon.


4 thoughts on “here we are in Chile


    I’m so glad to hear that you made it there safe and sound. It would be wonderful if you could post every day! I hope it will be possible.

    You are brave and wonderful and you will make it through all your challenges! We’ll remember you in our prayers as you work through this transition time.

    P.S. Matt said something about your computer going down? I take it you have access now?

  2. Jennifer Jensen

    I too have been anxious to hear how things are going since you arrived. Thank you for posting some updates. We have been praying for your family and will continue that the transition won’t be too hard.

    We love and miss you so very much!

  3. anne

    My heart has been feeling those first weeks in Mexico feelings as I imagine you starting out down there. It is just HARD at the beginning, and you have 5 kids and a household to boot! Your head will ache for weeks, but then, amazingly, it will all come. I know you know all this. Just wanted to remind you. You are a rockstar, sis. Keep workin’ it.


  4. Anonymous

    You are amazing. This experience is going to be amazing. I admire you tremendously and can’t believe that I have family in Chile! We pray for you. We think of you. We love you.


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