buy my house

So many things to tell.  Found a house to rent in Santiago.  Came home pre-earthquake.  Our house, and our plans, are still standing.  Much more to say, but I’ve been busy sorting through our 17,000 pounds of stuff (that’s an official estimate) trying to make us look presentable for potential buyers.  As of today, there is a sign in my yard.  If you’re interested in seeing photos of my house looking the best it has ever looked, click here:

You might want to turn down the cheesy “tour” music.  Just saying.  Also, for the record, this is the worst time of year to take pictures of your yard.

I’ll post more details soon about all of our plans and also about why we love this house and this neighborhood, in case you know anyone who’s looking.  We are sad to leave it, but super-excited about our next adventure.


4 thoughts on “buy my house

  1. Amy

    They did a beautiful job with the photos–and you made it sparkle! I hope that Matt is able to be around to help you with the showings.

  2. Robin

    Ugh. I’m so happy we’re done with that showing part. Hope yours sells fast! And enjoy your time off this weekend!

  3. anne

    um, i am pretty sure this is the only time anyone has gotten teary about an online home tour! it made me kind of sad! i love that house. i have so many happy memories in that house.


    i miss you


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