sunny Santiago

I feel like one of those comic book characters who has to prop their eyes open with toothpicks, after spending last night on a plane with Thomas on my lap.  But, we arrived safely and without mishap.  The weather here is lovely — not too hot and not too cold.  Santiago isn’t humid like some places in South America.  I’ve spent the day trying not to feel too overwhelmed by culture shock and looking at many rental properties.  The homes are different from American homes in many ways, but also much the same.  I think we’ll be able to settle in nicely.  More details when I’ve had enough sleep to see the computer screen clearly.


4 thoughts on “sunny Santiago

  1. Katy

    Glad to hear you arrived safely. I talked to Andrea today and found out you had gone. Hope you are able to find a place that you are comfortable with.

  2. Jennifer

    I am glad you survived the first plane ride with Thomas, although you are sleep deprived. I have been thinking about you and hoping all was going well. Good Luck in your endeavors!

  3. Rachel Owens

    WOW! I’m about 2 weeks behind I guess … but what an amazing experience for your family. I know you will make a wonderful home wherever you are and the Lord will bless you guys. I’m sure you will be glad to be with Matt more. Hugs as you are house hunting!


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