what blogs are you reading?

I feel like I’m in a bit of a rut.  Here I am, starved for adult interaction, and I’m bored with reading the same old blogs.  Marla asked this question recently on her blog, but her blog is private, so you may not be reading it.  I would love to know, besides your friends and family, what blogs do you think are fabulous right now?  Also, do you read blogs as much as you did a year or two ago, or are you all about Facebook/Twitter now?


5 thoughts on “what blogs are you reading?

  1. LCM

    What, am I not exciting enough for you? Heehee
    I have gone in a different direction and starting looking at couponing and money saving blogs. There is a whole world out there that I didn’t know existed.
    I have been enjoying regardingannie.wordpress.com
    and that’s pretty much the only universal one. All of the other ones I follow have to do with people I know. It’s amazing how there are 3 degrees of separation from BYU

  2. Jacque

    hmmm, I just read ones of people I know and allears.net because it is a Walt Disney World blog and I am a fan…they have a photography blog on there that I love. I facebook a little but people put dumb stuff on there…I guess I am getting old, but I could care less what color people’s bras are, or what thing they found on mafia wars.

  3. Jen

    I am much more into reading blogs than FB or Twitter. I don’t even know how to use Twitter and FB, I look at from time to time, but I love to read blogs the most. I have a long list of blogs I read through every couple of days.


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