simple, but helpful

Every year one of my resolutions is to get my scripture study in gear.  It’s an important resolution — probably the most important one, as I believe personal study and prayer to be at the heart of a healthy spiritual life.  It troubles me, as a faithful adult woman, that I re-resolve to do this every year.  I am long overdue for a serious habit of study.

Since I was home (alone) last week with two sick little kids, my resolution to go to the gym every day bit the dust.  But, I am doing well on my daily scripture study, and I wanted to offer two simple things I have been doing that have really helped me. 

One, I have begun a study journal.  I don’t know why I’ve never tried this before.  As I read and ponder, I record what I’m reading and the thoughts I have.  Often I read only a few verses, and spend the rest of my time writing.  As I write, I feel inspired and make connections I haven’t made before.  Writing helps me stay focused and provides some personal accountability, since I can look back and see what I read and on what day.

Two, as a supplement to my formal study, I have been leaving the Conference issue of the Ensign [this is a magazine with talks from our church leaders] open on my bathroom counter.  I read a paragraph or two when I’m brushing my teeth, etc.  I’m making quick progress through the talks, even thouth I’m spending only a moment at a time.  Many things I read during this time connect to things I’m reading during my scripture study, and enhance my understanding.

These are both such small things, but are easy to do and are making a big difference for me.  I’m sharing them in case they’re helpful to someone else.  Oh, and the kids are looking better, so it’s back to the gym tomorrow.

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