my new favorite thing

So if you’ve been checking this blog at all, you’ve been utterly disappointed for months and months. Who am I kidding, no one is checking this blog, right? Also, if you’ve been checking my kids’ private blog, disappointed again. The truth is, a part-time single parent who is shopping for 5 kids’ Christmas presents, decorating the house to try to make the holidays seem “magical”, sending a pretty silly quantity of Christmas cards, making treats for neighbors, and doing all of the other stuff I do, does not have time for a blog! Nor the emotional energy to come up with something clever to say.

So I’m coming back (at least for a sec.) with a most important question, which is, have you tried these chips? They are delicious and you might not want to buy them. I mean if you’re trying to eat healthy and find it hard to resist a bag of corn chips in your cupboard. So don’t buy them. Or buy them. They are sooo, sooo, good. They are super-crispy and thin and have the perfect amount of salt.  And all natural, if you care about stuff like that.  Also, they carry them at my nearest grocery store, but I have no idea if they’re hard to find.  Also, right now they’re festive red and green colored (which Matt the party-pooper was quick to point out means they’re full of artificial colors, but I like things that are festive).  And now I’ve done my good deed for today.


4 thoughts on “my new favorite thing

  1. Katy

    I thought there is no way that I would find those out here, but surprise the store locator says that Giant Eagle and Fishers carries them. So maybe I will actually try some. I was going to write something inappropriate about our recent experience with overly artificially dyed food, but I’ll save it for when i talk to you. Which reminds me I need to call you back with an address.

  2. Sarah

    I’ve never seen those here, but there is a woman in my ward whose name is Xochitl! I finally had to ask someone how to pronounce it so that I could stop saying, “hey there!”

  3. LCM

    I am glad you sent that card, I was wondering what you meant about being a part time single parent. You are amazing! When TD would go off and leave for a bit, I would really develop some serious empathy for actual single parents. I don’t know what you do when you can’t hand off a kid at the end of a tough day.


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