pay dirt

That is, if you consider finding a really good bread recipe pay dirt.  The following recipe works better than any other I’ve tried.  It’s soft, it’s still good the next day, it’s fast to make and it’s made of 100% whole wheat.  The instructions are very detailed, which I love.  Takes the guess work out.  I suspect one reason it works so well is that it was given to me by a neighbor, so we’re at the same altitude, humidity, etc.  I’d love to hear if it works for you!  (This is Bart Wilson’s recipe, for some of you who live in my neighborhood.)  P.S. My kids think this is a meal, when eaten with milk.  Please don’t tell them otherwise.

Turn on oven to 170.  Grind 6 3/4 cups wheat (white is milder, but red is what I have) to make 9-10 cups of flour.

In your stand mixer (you have to have the big one for this) mix briefly:

4 cups very warm water, 1/3 cup oatmeal (optional), 1 T salt, 1/3 cup oil, 1/3 cup honey or sugar

Turn the mixer on speed one and add about half of the flour.  Continue mixing while adding 1 1/2 T dough enhancer, 3 T gluten, and 2 T yeast.  Then add the rest of the flour.  Leave the mixer on for 12 minutes (set a timer) to knead.

Turn off the oven (you want it to cool to about 120).

Spray 3 large pans or 4 smaller (4×8) pans.  Divide the dough between them.  If you plop it into each pan, it will pick up just enough grease that it will be easy to handle as you shape a loaf.

Put the loaves in the warm oven for 25 minutes (set a timer).

Turn the oven on to 350.  Set the timer for 33 minutes.  Leave the bread in the oven while it warms up.

This has worked so well and is so easy for me, I’m seriously considering not buying bread any more.   Try it!


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