Would you have thought something that sounds like “ratatouille” would be complicated?  I would have.  Turns out, it’s easy, it’s good for you, and it’s delicious.  Even my Sam liked it, and for a twelve-year-old boy, putting giant spoonfuls of vegetables on his plate is really saying something.  It also looked lovely and quite impressive (like something you might make for company), and I wish I had taken a photo.  Here’s the recipe I used (my only modifications were cook the onions with the eggplant, a little italian seasoning instead of parsley, and bake a little longer).  Get to a farmer’s market this week (or your own backyard) and try it.


2 thoughts on “ratatouille

  1. Robin

    Huh. I’ve been curious about ratatouille for a while myself. I’ve never tried it, but after they rhapsodized about it in the movie and then I saw them make it on Food Network Star, my interest is aroused. I have hesitated because it looked complicated and I didn’t know if my kids would eat it. Did John eat it? If he did, then maybe there is hope that Lily would. I’ll definitely have to try out your recipe.


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