pretty funny

Mary went to preschool yesterday to meet her teacher and get acquainted with the rocket slide and the tiny, tiny monkey bars.  I explained to her that the next time she came to preschool, I wouldn’t be with her and she would be a big girl and come by herself.  She didn’t seem worried about that, and I’m sure she’ll be fine.

This morning, her first words were, “Tomorrow can you drive me to preschool?  Because I don’t know the way.”  Yes, in her mind she wasn’t just AT preschool by herself, but was expected to GET THERE by herself.  Isn’t that a funny visual?  Three year-old walking the two miles to preschool unescorted?  What’s also funny is that she didn’t seem too worried about it yesterday.  It wasn’t until she gave it a little more thought that she realized the route wasn’t clear in her mind and she might need a little help.

Funny girl.


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