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group portrait1. Are you fainting from surprise? Since I never post to this blog any more (I’m going to start again soon. Really.), maybe you’d like to read another? Matt will be traveling more than usual for the next few months (please don’t tell the boogie man) and I’m starting another blog that will be a place for the kids to post messages for him. For obvious reasons, we’re going to make it private, but if you know us in real life and would like to share, please leave a comment or send me an email and you will be invited to read our kids’ hilarious ramblings. Specify if you’d like an email when there’s a new post, or just permission to check the blog.

2. Most of you know this by now, but my sister Anne and her friend Emily have started a new blog. Click on the Bloom button at the bottom of my blogroll to check it out. And watch for a “guest post” from me there soon. Aren’t I fancy?

3. I accomplished something I always procrastinate, and took my kids to get their pictures taken. I stopped paying for school pictures a few years ago (always so bad!), so this is kind of instead of that. I know they’re not too hip, but I thought for traditional studio portraits, they turned out very well (can’t beat the JC Penney coupon price):

Sam portrait

Ben portrait

Jon portrait

Mary portrait

Tom portrait


9 thoughts on “a new post

  1. Pmom@ChocolateandGarlic.com

    I’m glad that you aren’t done with this blog entirely!

    As another wife of a traveling spouse, if you ever happen to have time, I would love to read your thoughts and/or tips for life under these circumstances.

    What beautiful pictures, what a beautiful family. You need to get one of you and Matt too, though. Your children will treasure it later.

    P.S. Did Matt change jobs or is he just going through a busy season at his current workplace?

  2. liz Post author

    Angie — I’m sure I’ll be sharing/complaining about the circumstances soon! His first big trip hasn’t happened yet. Same company, new position. He’ll be taking long trips to South America, which is both exciting and challenging. Thanks for your kind comments about the pictures.

  3. Robin

    Awwww, your pictures always turn out adorable. I know about the blog thing, I’ve totally abandoned my own as well. I guess we all go through phases in our need to express ourselves in that way! Facebook has kind of taken over my need to socialize in cyberspace lately. Anyway, we hope all goes well with Matt’s new job–Andrew is already trying to figure out a way to go down for a days with him sometime. I’d love to see your kids’ blog, and I’m sure me kids would too. Good luck!


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