how summer is going

Well, I’m exhausted, as you might imagine. 

A couple of things you might like to know, since I never post lately.  One (some of you know this, but some of you might not) something quite sad happened to my mother.  I won’t explain in detail, but Anne wrote about it beautifully (you should read this, too).  It isn’t about me, really, but as I talk to her often, and think of her oftener, it colors the mood of summer quite a bit.  Reminds me not to complain about my long days.  Makes me sad too, because in some ways she will never be the same.  She is well, though, and a little better each day.  Thanks for praying for her.

Two, Matt ran in his first race ever and he won his age group!  We’ve teased him a lot about how there must’ve only been a couple of people in his group, and how he’s getting so old (he’s not though), but I’m pretty proud of him too.  He tends to approach things in kind of a scientific (anal?) way, running with a heart rate monitor, reading books and web sites about how to train and how to prevent injury, getting shoes and insoles specially fitted.  Apparently, his attention to detail is paying off as he feels great and obviously knows what he is doing. 


It was a great day.  We had driven to Rexburg so he could run in the Teton Dam Race (he did the 10k, but he is training for a half marathon in August) with my brother Steven, and Steven won his age group too (and he’s not as young as he used to be either).  Watching my brother run is inspiring.  He was in the first 15 finishers on this race, and just looks good doing it.  The kids ran the fun run (Matt’s mom came along and ended up running with them — go Vicki!)  which was especially fun because they came through the “real” finish line.  They also enjoyed talking about how they ran the “dam” race, over and over again.

Three (I guess that’s more than a couple), Thomas is five months old now and is the best. baby. ever.  Sorry if you do not have a baby like him.  He is nearly always happy, sleeps for nine hours at night and wakes up with a giggle, and is ultra-patient with the mass confusion and chaos that frequently surrounds him.  Also, he eats his toes, which is adorable.


We are trying to have some sense of discipline ’round here with this unsightly white board dictating the chores and the daily schedule.  We want to have fun too, but I have discovered that letting everyone do what they want all day long doesn’t turn out to be that fun and results in kids eating junk food in their pajamas, playing too many video games and arguing with their siblings all day.  Even with the white board, there’s plenty of sleeping in, having fun, and general horsing around:







7 thoughts on “how summer is going

  1. Robin

    Oh, I hadn’t heard about your mom, Liz! That’s awful! Even if it is just a pinky, losing a part of your body can’t be fun. Is the rest of her hand working okay?
    Good for Matt! Is the running helping his thyroid problems any?
    And way to be (sort of) organized! Apparently I need to invest in a white board. Just having the visual reminder of the day’s schedule would be helpful, I think. We need to get our kids together, by the way. Want to go swimming next week?

  2. kira

    It feels like my kids are learning how to fight…gives me a real appreciation for mothers like you who have more kids!!

  3. LCM

    I love your white board. I was complaining to Dave about the girls harassing me about stuff and he said I should just print out an itinerary every day and refer them back to it. It would actually cut out about 75% of the questions. How come summers weren’t this exhausting when we were kids? Oh, right, we weren’t head of the entertainment committee like we are now.

  4. liz Post author

    The white board is ugly, but it really is helpful. I tend to forget scheduled events (like piano lessons) without it. Robin, the rest of my mom’s hand will be fine eventually, but is still really sore. Pretty terrible wound. Matt’s thyroid has been stable for several months, and we’re hoping it will continue to be. Yes on the swimming — we leave next Friday for Medford, so let’s for sure get together before then.
    Mom, I’ll take some flower pictures. They are coming along and love the rain, though some of them will be happier now that the sun is out.
    Kira, the fighting is without a doubt the hardest part. If you figure out a good remedy let me know!
    LCM, my kids would entertain themselves most of the time, if I let them do video games, tv, and movies all day! The hard part is getting them to have a balanced life, a healthy diet, and get some work out them. Entertainment committee indeed!

  5. anne

    shucks. those pictures really made me want to come to your house. but you get to come to mine! next week! i have a pile of stuff waiting for you–hand-me-ups, hugh jackman’s dazzling oscar performance, a baby gift. i need to take you to prize and the enchanted florist (which is a florist shop AND a chocolate bar! BRILLIANT!) can’t wait

    ok now i am blogging instead of cleaning my house. i am so not into this clean up project!

  6. Denise

    Very sorry to read about your mom’s accident, Liz. She sounds like a remarkable person. Enjoyed reading about what’s going on with Matt and your kids this summer. And Thomas is adorable.


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