don’t mess with me

I was looking out my front window yesterday afternoon when I spied a man, unknown to me, leaving my yard with a blower.  My blower.  The blower Matt had neglected to put away following his weekly lawn mowing.  No time to think, and my reaction surprised even me.  I opened the door, headed out toward the street, and yelled, “Hey!”  I can’t remember what I said next, but the guy just handed it back to me and kept on walking.  “Sorry,” he said, “I thought that was ours.  We were doing some work up the street.” 

Well first of all, that wasn’t even a good story, as anyone who has driven down my street will know.  Not a lot of professionally-groomed yards ’round here.  And though of course we shouldn’t just be leaving things lying around our front yard, what kind of person enters a yard during broad daylight to take advantage like that?  But more importantly, what smallish, unarmed, if it’s a fight-or-flight-scenario-I’ll-take-the-flight, kind of woman chases after him?  Me. That’s who.


11 thoughts on “don’t mess with me

  1. Robin

    First of all, good timing on your part! Second of all, a blower? Really? Is there a big demand for those on the black market? I guess he could sell it on eBay or something, but I wouldn’t have thought to classify blowers as high on the list of popular stolen items. And third, GO LIZ! I always kind of wonder how I would react in a confrontational situation like that. I guess you never really know until you are actually in it and just act without thinking. I think the guy’s reaction is kind of funny. Do you think they ever try to plan what they are going to say if they get caught?

  2. sillyjillybean

    Liz this story is actually quite scary and when your mother reads it this will be validation that the thoughts and paranoias (sp?) that she has are real!

  3. anne

    I love it. I’m so proud of you for fighting instead of flighting. Taylor just said, “You’d probably just watch him walk away wouldn’t you?” So I am taking that as a challenge and am going to make sure I don’t ever do such a thing. Maybe I’ll leave our weed eater out and see what happens…

  4. Gun Control

    Why did you leave out the part about grabbing Matt’s handgun and yelling “Go ahead make my day…”

  5. Rachel

    Liz – Totally sounds like something I’d do … then after the fact realize – YIKES – what if he was a “bad guy!” … glad you got it back! LOVED the announcement of Thomas! It was our first mail at our new house – thanks for thinking of us!


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