It is 9 am and the house is quiet, other than the hum of the dryer — big boys are off to school, Thomas is having his morning nap, and Mary has collapsed after a night of blech.  Yes, in addition to the mountain of laundry I do every Monday morning, there is another set of pukey sheets.  All of the kids have had this bug now, so I think we’re finally finished with the puking. 

In the midst of this, my boys were having quite an amusing conversation a couple of days ago about how many words there are for vomit (ralph, upchuck, etc.).  You have to laugh about this kind of stuff, or you’d always be crying. 

So here’s something else to laugh about.  Mary, who is completely obsessed with the color pink, somehow managed to have pink vomit.  (She had made the strawberries and blackberries offered as a side dish last night her complete dinner.)  It was actually kind of a pretty color.  Am I the only one who thinks that’s pretty darn funny?


3 thoughts on “delightful

  1. RHall

    Your positive outlook is actually quite inspiring! And I realize more and more as time goes by the value and necessity of a sense of humor! Wish I’d had more of your attitude when I was your age. It would have prevented a few tantrums – mine!

  2. Robin

    I feel so bad for infecting you guys! We should have been more careful. I hope the laundry pile is the last of the trauma for you!

  3. Millie

    Sorry to hear about the yuck. Pink puke is probably the best kind, though… better than orange, for sure.

    I personally love the word “barf.”


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