things to be happy about

I had a great weekend.  You should read about it on Anne’s blog.  Just don’t feel like detailing, plus I didn’t have a camera (left it home with Matt and my four older kids).

The last few days I’ve been a little blue.  Probably the let-down of coming home from a fun trip.  And a couple of other things which I choose not to blog about.  Anyway, I’m not morose.  Not despondent.  Just a little blue.  And the trouble with that is that I’m inclined to spiral downward.  Because being blue does not make me want to do dishes or put away laundry.  And seeing piles of dirty dishes and clutter makes me even more blue.  Also, it’s snowing right now.

So I have now convinced myself to make a happy list.  And we’ll see if it helps.

1. giant box of giant strawberries from Costco

2. sharing a slice of Costco pizza with Mary (I really like Costco pizza — anyone else?)

3. beautiful baby who has finally recovered from infant acne, mystery rash, and unfortunate first sunburn (mild — don’t hate me!)

4. everything is starting to bloom, and Matt mowed the lawn for the first time, making the yard look spring-y and beautiful

5. only 8 more weeks of school (will fly by), and we are ready for lazy summer days

6. have you seen this

I’m sure there are more, but I’m starting to feel better already.  Off to tackle my mess.


2 thoughts on “things to be happy about

  1. other other liz

    I was feeling blue monday. and then the avocados I bought at costco LAST WEEK! were ripe on tuesday. so I declared tuesday a perfect day simply because the avocados were finally ripe! hooray for happy lists!

  2. Valerie

    Hey Liz! Don’t we have birthdays that are close??? Christine Barbour told me about your blog – I love it. Great to see your cute family again. Looks like you are still growing (kids). Hope you are doing well! Take care!!!


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