just another whiny post

I know I sound like a broken record, but I’m starting to take this “spring” weather personally.  Could we get a day that is nice enough for a walk?  I just don’t think I should still be wearing my wool coat in April.  And the rain/snow mix that persists day after day here is doing nothing for the blooming bulbs I look forward to all winter.  Can I blame my rotten mood on the weather?  I think I can.

And please don’t tell me I live in a desert and should be glad for the moisture.  I know.


4 thoughts on “just another whiny post

  1. Marla

    Amen sister, because going on a walk is all I want to do right now – a simple walk with the girls riding their bikes, Ezra in a stroller, and yet it’s snowing outside and roughly 33 degrees. Cold weather isn’t easy on a mom with a new baby.

  2. Jen H.

    I couldn’t agree more but if it’s an consolation, I saw that it’s supposed to be in the high 60’s on Monday and Tuesday – both days I’ll be in the hospital! haha! Maybe I’ll catch a warm day soon too!

  3. Sarah

    Well, I just think that everyone should move to Texas! It’s not so great in July, but right now it’s pretty good. Plus, we could use some more family close by!

  4. andrewalma

    Yesterday and today were sure nice. Too bad I was stuck at work for most of the time. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Have a fun trip to Medford.


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