did you remember today is pi day?

Besides making a pie (I’m making this), could I recommend teaching your children the following (you could say it as a rhyme, or if you’re really into it, make up some moves and pretend you are “math” cheerleaders):

tangent! secant! cosine! sine! three point one four one five nine!

Say it out loud and it will make sense. You’ll never forget the value of pi if you know this.

p.s. I knew a lot of nerdy people in high school, but a very cute and un-nerdy boy actually taught me this.


4 thoughts on “did you remember today is pi day?

  1. Amy Brinton

    You’re a fun mom! Were you in Mu Alpha Theta in high school? I loved the friends I had there, and the math competitions were always a blast. Some kids knew dozens of digits of pi, but I was always satisfied with just 3.14159. Oh, and on a literary note, beware the Ides of March (today!).

  2. LCM

    I remember that you celebrated last year and I was already to make one this year. But TD has forbidden my tasty treat making for a while. I am sad.


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