In a few weeks, Matt will endure his annual trifecta of marital expectations when our anniversary, mother’s day, and my birthday all fall within a two week period.  The last couple of years, I’ve helped him out by either telling him exactly what to do, or just buying myself a present, then telling him about it.  (This is how I acquired the entire Jane Austen Masterpiece Theater series on DVD — let me know if you need to borrow.)  I think he really appreciates being let off the hook.

Something I’d like to have is some kind of “mom” jewelry, and since we just had our “fifth and final”, why not have that be my triple-celebration gift for this year?  I’ve looked around a little bit, but am a little undecided and wondered if anyone could make a suggestion.  I’m not a huge jewelry wearer, and remember I have five children, which eliminates some possibilities (the names of my kids wouldn’t fit on the above pendant), and makes some others kind of tacky looking (too busy).  What do you think?  Should I get a ring, a bracelet, a necklace?  Do I want something with everyone’s names, or just an initial, or something else?

I know it’s ultimately my choice, but some of you have such great taste, I thought I’d solicit advice.


17 thoughts on “suggestions?

  1. Anonymous

    I’m just a blog luker, but I have a great idea for you :) What about a pandora charm bracelet? You can get charms for each child’s initials, one for each of their birthstones etc. I have one and I LOVE it!

  2. Emily

    Personally, I don’t love the stamped charms or pendants with little people on them, I would choose something more representative and simple. I hope that doesn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, that’s just my personal preference.

    Maybe you should write Design Mom and solicit her opinion :) She has 5, too.

    so, pretty much, I don’t have a great suggestion, but I am excited to hear about/see what you choose.

  3. Emily

    You know, i think kate had some “mom” jewelry on her blog a while ago (that she found in an etsy shop, maybe?) and I remember liking it. It may have been stamped, but I remember there were pearls involved (good!) it was sort of organic looking and really nice. Maybe she could link you to it?

  4. Christina

    I told Jason I wanted something like this for Christmas and found some on etsy that I liked. He ended up making me one. Mine is a necklace and I have three silver discs, one for each child – their initials are on one side and their birth date on the other.

    I think I found the ones I liked by searching on etsy under the personalized gifts section.

    Good luck!

  5. Robin

    It does make it harder with five kids. I did find some sites that have some cute beaded bracelets with each child’s name on a separate strand, and they did have up to five strands, but I don’t know if that’s quite your style. I also saw several versions of a family tree pendant, which has a metal tree that you can put the different birthstones on. But the thing I saw that seemed most like something you would like were these motherhood cameos: You can’t personalize them, but I thought they looked very classy and beautiful. They look big enough that you could probably get a jeweler to engrave the names of your kids on the back, if you wanted to.

  6. Barb @ getupandplay

    I like using birthstones because they are so much smaller and simpler than trying to do initials or names. Anything that reminds you of your kids and family will work, though, and be special to you. It doesn’t have to be a traditional “mom jewelry” piece, or even jewelry at all. What about a piece of artwork that reminds you of your family of seven? (A tree with seven branches, a nest with five eggs, etc.)

  7. LCM

    I always loved my Grandma’s mother’s ring. She only had 3 kids, so she added some grandkids’ birthdays in there too, so I would grab her hand and go through picking out whose stone was whose.

  8. anne

    Taylor’s cousin Joan has a super cool ring with all their birthstones–hers, her husband’s, and her kids. I really love it.

  9. Amy Brinton

    Many Texan women have silver bracelets with charms for each of their children. James Avery ( is the classiest and most popular retailer. They have boy and girl silhouette charms that can be engraved with names and birth dates, plus many other similar pieces. Or some women simply choose charms that remind them of each child. The charms can also be attached to a necklace (this is how my mom wears hers).

  10. other other liz

    For sure- get a tattoo of each child’s name on your arm or leg. old english style. or a tattoo of each of their faces- that would even be better.

    dang I just saw someone alreayd wrote that and I thought I was being all clever.

    personally, I go for the massage/ pampering kind of gifts. I supposed you could also do a piece of jewelry with each of their birthstones in it- bracelet would be nice.

  11. Nettie

    My mom had a band with all 8 kids birthstones inset. . .also…here’s something that you could look into- and they’ll fit 5 names on it:

    PS-I’ve ran into Matt several times in the last little while. Once at the gym and another time at Shivers with all the kids (looks like you got the night off from cooking). Hope you’re doing well.

  12. liz Post author

    Well, I think Nettie’s the winner. I liked a lot of the other suggestions, but the above link is the best/most affordable thing I’ve seen. I also love the stepping stone idea above that and we’ll probably do it this summer. Thanks everyone.


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