hitting a wall

I’ve been shuffling my way through each day, never quite rested enough, dropping a few balls, but basically functioning.  Until yesterday.  Yesterday morning at six a.m., I hit a wall.  Matt took one look at my verge-of-tears face, picked up the baby, and sent me back to bed.  A couple of hours of desperately needed sleep later, I realized he was still home and had gotten the kids off to school.  I know I already gushed about him in my previous post, but seriously, can we get the guy a medal?

I had enough energy to have a pretty good day after that, but by the time he got home last night, the exhaustion was beginning to get the better of me again.  Leftovers for dinner?  He suggested that I get a longer stretch of sleep that night, and offered to get up at three a.m. to give the baby a bottle.  Well, ok then.  Sent me to bed again, while he put all of the kids to bed.  I got up at midnight to feed the baby knowing that once back to bed, I could sleep until morning.  Heaven.  Matt even slept in the baby’s room to be sure I wouldn’t be awakened.  And guess what.  The baby slept right through until nearly 6 o’clock.

Murphy’s Law?  Was I annoyed that Matt didn’t have to get up in the middle of the night for a feeding, as I have each night for over a month?  Heck, no.  He deserves a medal, remember?


7 thoughts on “hitting a wall

  1. Danielle

    no but seriously…he does deserve a medal. my goodness. I am afraid my husband is in for a rude awakening once we have a few more kids. He has never been up once with a baby in the night (I never asked him to…and am not complaining…just think he has no idea!) I wonder all the time how you do it all with 5 kids? You guys are both amazing I’d say!

  2. Sarah

    I have to take these posts and put them away somewhere for the times when Doug says, “no one does that!” I’m so glad that you have the help that you need right now.

  3. LCM

    Isn’t that so true. I used to leave Fiona home with TD just so that he could get the full brunt of what she did to me all day and she would sleep the entire time. Do you think they know?
    Good for him to help you out.

  4. kira

    You gotta love it when your hubby does things like that. I’ve decided if I can just get regular sleep I can deal with anything…

  5. Jen H.

    I saw you yesterday and I thought you looked lovely. You hold your sleep deprivation very well! I am super tired today cuz I went to bed way too late and Kait was up half the night and I’m realizing this is how I am going to feel everyday for several months. Not really looking forward to that part! But you look great, and bless Matt’s heart!

  6. sillyjillybean

    Why didn’t the Hall male gene get that same kind of sense of helpfulness? I love your husband. Such a great guy!!!


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