I’m three and it’s all about me

marycribAlternate titles for this post:  why I’m never taking Mary clothes-shopping again OR ways in which a three-year-old seems much like a thirteen-year-old

We were at a “superstore”-type grocery store the other day, and I made the mistake of walking past the girls’ apparel department.  Mary insisted she be let out of the cart, which I did without really thinking about it (sleep deprivation impairs judgment), and she instantly grabbed an Easter dress, which she was sure I should buy for her.  It was the wrong dress on many levels:  wrong size (and they didn’t have one in her size), too expensive, tacky as heck (I mean in my opinion — she thought it was fabulous, since her goal right now seems to be to look like Barbie), and rather immodest.  I toyed with the idea of just buying the thing, but decided it would be wrong to give in on this one, so I wrestled it out of her hands and put her back in the cart. 

The wailing could be heard throughout the store. 

I almost went home without even buying milk. 

She calmed down after I promised the purple Skittles (I would have bought her those anyway, as I have become “checkstand pushover mom”).

But I’m not shopping for clothes with her again any time soon.

See that stick-figure princess on her shirt?  Her name is Mary.  So are all of her dolls’ names.  Mary.  And if the girl in a picture book is cute, or is wearing pink, or if she is pink (e.g. Piglet in a Winnie the Pooh book) her name is Mary too.  (P.S. It’s a little hard to get through the book “Chrysanthemum” when she keeps insisting we call the main character Mary.)  And any discussion of numbers (what time is it?  how long until we get there?  how many do you want?  etc.) must end with an answer of three. “Because I’m three.”  In other words, her self-centered-ness knows no bounds.  I’m trying to decide if this is just normal, age-appropriate behavior, or if we’re really in for something.

Notice also in the above photo that she’s asserting ownership of the baby’s crib.  Even his stuff is all hers.

It’s a good thing she’s so darn cute.  I’m going to post the following picture somewhere so that when she’s acting like a “pig,” I’ll remember that at least she’s a cute little pig (thanks for the picture, Amy):


That’s her bff Helen.  I think it’s so sweet that they both have old-fashioned names.  If you heard of friends named Mary and Helen, wouldn’t you assume they were grey-haired old ladies?


5 thoughts on “I’m three and it’s all about me

  1. Robin

    Totally normal girl behavior…just wait until she starts telling you how cute she is and starts posing in front of every mirror that you see. I wonder how being the only girl in a family of boys would affect her “girliness”. It seems to me like most girls in that situation would either become very tomboy-ish or would try to assert their femininity as strongly as they could. It seems like you’ve got the latter…

  2. Amy Brinton

    Confession of a recent Wal-Mart visit involving a three-year-old and his mother, with serious checkstand (and every aisle) pushover issues:
    1. powdered donut holes
    2. Lucky Charms cereal
    3. three stretchy dinosaurs, and
    4. a singing Thomas the Train toothbrush.

  3. LCM

    She is cute! How different will kids be in a few years when they are talking about their Grandma Tiffany and Grandma Britney, instead of Mary and Helen. Can I tell you about how much more pink stuff I buy and/or wear myself because of the girls. Can you ever think of a time, growing up, you ever, ever caught me in pink? The joys of raising a girl.

  4. Danielle

    I’m pretty sure that is age-appropriate behavior right? I mean you would be more experienced in this area, but it seems about right for that age. Plus I would encourage all the self-esteem boosting affirmations I could at this age…she can save them up for when she actually is 13 and starts to have those teen=age insecurities. I dread that for Avery!.

  5. andrewalma

    I got a real kick out of this post. Mary is so quiet at family functions. When she was over here playing with Lily last week, she hardly said a word the whole time! It’s fun to hear about some of her personality quirks. She so cute.

    Speaking of behavior and tantrums in public places, Robin and I are thinking we’ll give it a few years before we take our kids back to a nice restaurant since our kids have consistenly demonstrated that they cannot hold still and behave themselves in places like that.


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