four weeks


Thomas was born four hectic weeks ago.  It has gone by in a blink. 

His face is plumping up, looking cuter all the time.  His legs are starting to fatten, too, and stretch out now to fill up his pajama legs.  He looks all around with wide eyes, and smiles in his sleep.

In a minute he’ll be a tantrum-throwing, milk-spilling toddler.  And then a boy who always needs help with a book report or a science project and never picks up his dirty socks.  But what my mother-heart craves is what I have now:  a warm, sweet little bundle that curls up on my chest.

I think I may have to get a cat.

7 thoughts on “four weeks

  1. LCM

    I highly recommend the cat. One of mine is currently curled up on me purring. It’s a fairly good substitute. I did have to warn my girls not to tell my sister that I talked to her baby like I do to my boy kitty. But definitely enjoy the baby love.

  2. Amy Brinton

    What a cute picture! I can never seem to capture the youngest moments without my little darlings looking splotchy or strained. I hope that Thomas will continue to be so photogenic and cuddly for many years to come.

  3. Emily

    I think it was at Anne’s baby shower, you said that you just couldn’t get enough of the newborn/tiny stage (Mary would have been in that stage at the time). You mentioned loving a baby curled up on your chest and I thought, “not me. I think grade-school age will be my favorite.”

    Now? I hate the thought of my life without a baby in it.


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