on being unique

I love it when I am sitting in church and have an insight that I know wasn’t necessarily intended by the teacher or speaker.  Yesterday, I was reminded of the following two prophetic quotes in two different classes, with different topics and different teachers.  But, I thought their juxtaposition was very instructive.  There is such an emphasis in our modern world on being unique or different.  I’m thinking today about how this can be accomplished the Lord’s way.  (Click on the links to read the entire talk.)

Elder L. Tom Perry:

“Many of you are trying too hard to be unique in your dress and grooming to attract what the Lord would consider the wrong kind of attention.”

[What a relief!  I’m not very good at being unique in my dress and grooming anyway.  I think I’ll stop trying and just be myself.]

Elder Neal A. Maxwell:

“…there is more individuality in those who are more holy.

Sin, on the other hand, brings sameness; it shrinks us to addictive appetites and insubordinate impulses.”

[Think hard about this, because it opposes completely what the world would have us believe.  I love the concept that the more holy we become, the more uniquely us we will be.  Click on that link and read the entire talk — it is masterful.]


One thought on “on being unique

  1. anne

    Wow. Love those insights. I’ll have to read the whole talks. Tomorrow! I haven’t talked to you for a while. Hope you are well. Poor Rog has been throwing up and I was sick last night but I think we’re looking up. Mom said Thomas had a really bad night a few days ago. Hang in there. I love the tiny babes, but hate that constant tired, fuzzy feeling. love you


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