five little monkeys

The award for wittiest new baby gift goes to my brilliant and very kind friend Amy, who (in between puking and taking care of three children under five) picked out these two winners for my five little monkeys:



Wasn’t that a clever idea?  If you didn’t already know about these books, they are rhyme-y and sweet.  The second one especially reminds me of my life.  The mother monkey convinces her five offspring to “help” get the house ready for a visit from Grandma, only by the time she arrives, they’ve turned it into an even bigger mess — they don’t mean to, it just sort of happens.  Ring true for anyone else?

Books are a thoughtful gift for a new baby with older siblings — someone like me usually has plenty of baby clothes, and a book is fun for the big kids, who can pretend the gift was for them all along.


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