things I haven’t had to do for a whole week

fix any meals

load or unload my dishwasher

take kids to school in the morning

wipe muddy footprints off the floor

butter anyone’s toast

cut up anyone’s food

think of ways to entertain Mary while nursing a baby

make my bed

pick up toys off the basement floor

Thanks Nana and Grandpa for all of that, and so much more.  We love you.


Also, big props to Granny, who had a sleepover with my kids plus four more grandkids last weekend.

And to Matt who has “helped” with two science fair projects this week.

I am tired, and I am appreciative.  This week, I have to do this by myself, mostly.  I think I can hack it.


4 thoughts on “things I haven’t had to do for a whole week

  1. anne

    Mom and Dad are THE BEST. And yes, you can totally hack it. You totally CAN. I love you.

    p.s. did you hear Blaine is disappointed that Thomas wasn’t named Gordon? (apparently he prefers Gordon the train… who knew?!)

  2. sillyjillybean

    The picture says it all. Rozanne, deep in the throws of helping you and Roger, soundly asleep. Love them both and we are soooooooo glad they are back!


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