the news

This baby doesn’t have a name yet, but he does have a birthday: January 21. People of a certain age look at us with some skepticism when we tell them that the induction has been scheduled and that will be the day, but after this many babies, I’m pretty confident that he will not be early, nor will the induction fail. That will be the day. Go ahead and pre-order the flower arrangements.

I have developed kind of a waddle.

I seem to be “nesting”, and have miraculously found the energy to tackle a couple of annoying projects, such as cleaning out the (many) cabinets and drawers in my laundry room.

My kids’ new “checklists” aren’t a perfect solution, but are basically working. Turns out if you really ask them EVERY SINGLE TIME whether they have put their clothes in the hamper, their toothbrush in the drawer, or their bowl in the sink, they start to get the hang of it.


13 thoughts on “the news

  1. danielle

    well that is exciting news!

    I always think its funny when people are skeptical of mothers who have something to say about when or how their babies will be born. I’m pretty sure you are the expert on your own body! Especially after 4 kids.


    I’m excited that you have just barely over a week left. What a great family for a little one to come to. He is a lucky boy!

    I agree with Amy–nesting is the best phenomenon ever. If not for my nesting during my pregnancy with Amelia, I wouldn’t have a wedding album! (Something about that particular project consumed me–it HAD to be done before she was born. I am so glad that it was).

  3. Sarah

    I’m so excited for you! It’s definitely nice to know for sure that the end is near. We can’t wait to see his face!

  4. other other liz

    ah the feeling of the planned date the pregnancy will end and new life will begin is such a peaceful feeling. and the longing to hope it happens in the exact moment you hope instead of the middle of the night or while the other kids are scattered must be comforting.

    i like the kids’ checklist idea….must adopt this.

  5. Jen H.

    Only 2 more days… you are sooooooo lucky! You are the envy of my world right now! ;) I’ll be thinking of you on Wednesday! Good luck!

  6. other other liz

    that’s today! so is it too soon for congratulations! and to a lot of mama healing/ rest plus and a healthy baby that sleeps well for you.

    I had a great day today- so it must have been a fabulous day to be born. Can’t wait to see him.


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