happy new year

I sometimes aspire to be a daily blogger, since blogs with regular posts are my favorite to read, but perhaps this isn’t the year to make that goal. This is the year I become the mother of FIVE. Crazy.

Instead, my one and only resolution is to vacuum my entire house at least once a week. That’s it. And no, I wasn’t even coming close to accomplishing that last year, and yes, it’s gross.

My children’s resolution (I made this for them) is to quit being slobs. We are trying to accomplish this by using a new system of checklists, which they’ll ultimately be rewarded for completing, and which are ridiculously specific. For example, “Eat breakfast. Put dishes in the sink. Put cereal and milk away.” You might think “Eat and clean up breakfast,” would be specific enough, but in my experience, you would be wrong. I’ll let you know how it goes.


7 thoughts on “happy new year

  1. Sarah

    I think the vacuuming should go on the kids’ checklist. They’re old enough to tackle a room a day! I know my Samuel is big enough to work the dust buster on the stairs. Unfortunately, he only wants to this at other people’s houses!

  2. LCM

    Bless you! My husband says I should make the girls do more around the house. But they don’t make the right lines in the carpet and things aren’t done perfectly, which means I have to go around behind them, even though they say not to, but I can’t take the half way job. Ugh. But you are going to be the mom of 5 and when the baby comes, like I had to do with the surgery, you can let it go and make them do it. I had to make a checklist for Fiona for before school because it was making me nuts that every time she came out of her room, I had to ask, did you brush your teeth, make your bed, make your lunch, etc. UGH! The checklist will help out.

  3. anne

    I love it. I’m all about specific and attainable New Year’s Resolutions. Mine: ween Rog, potty-train Blaine, build food storage (that one needes more specifications.)

    I am so darn excited for #5 to come! Wish I could come with Mom…

  4. Robin

    Vaccuming wouldnt be so bad if it weren’t for stairs. I hate vacuuming stairs. And carrying the vacuum up and down the stairs. Once a week is a good goal. Just tell yourself that you don’t necessarily have to do it all on the same day. Vacuum upstairs on Monday, main floor on Tuesday, basement on Wednesday, etc. By the way, vacuum is one of those words I can never remember how to spell… is it two c’s or two u’s?

  5. danielle

    I sometimes aspire to be a daily blogger too, and then I remember that I am way too lazy and unpredictable for that.

    Good luck with the vacuuming. I am not great at that either but luckily my husband is kind of a compulsive vacuumer.

    Um…when is your baby due?

  6. sillyjillybean

    I added to my new years resolution to clean the master bathroom more often. I always leave it to the end because no one sees it and therefore it is always tidy but the toilet and shower suffer….or I should say….poor Brian suffers.


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