ok, I get it now

You’ll have to pardon me if I don’t post very often lately.  The main activity that interests me right now is napping, and since there are quite a few other non-optional activities in my life, something like blogging is bound to fall off the bottom of the to-dos.  Also, please send me a Christmas card even though you aren’t likely to get one.  I promise a baby announcement in return.

So my last post was all about how offended I am about people’s careless comments to pregnant women.  I still think the world in general should be a little more thoughtful, but I’m forgiving the strangers who stare at me in the grocery store (this is especially unnerving in Utah where a pregnant woman is not a particularly rare sighting) after seeing the following picture:bigbelly

That’s Sam receiving his very important Arrow of Light, the pinnacle award for Cub Scouts, but let’s talk about my belly, shall we?  I promise I check the mirror after getting dressed every day to avoid looking completely pathetic (pathetic being a relative term lately), but apparently I’d never viewed myself from quite this angle.  I asked Matt,” Is that what I really look like?” and he just stared at me as if to say, “What did you think you looked like?”  Well, I didn’t think I looked like my belly was possibly in a different time zone from the rest of myself.  I also didn’t think it looked like there was a basketball in my shirt — people say that just to be cute, but doesn’t it literally look like I shoved something in there? 

Only about six weeks to go (sigh) and the doctor says this may be a pretty big baby, which I would love.  Mary was a scrawny 6 1/2 pounds (we think her placenta may have been inadequate) and we worried so much about her weight gain.  Jon was a robust 8 1/2, so we’ll see if this last baby breaks his record.  That would be an excuse for the bizarre horizontal-ness of my current figure.

While I’m sitting here, I thought I’d post a few more recent pictures for posterity, since there’s no telling when I’ll get back around to this…jonmary

Jon and Mary are sharing a double bed now.  I hope no one thinks that’s weird, because I think it’s pretty much adorable.  They curl up together like little puppies and I even hear him reassuring her sometimes in the middle of the night (read: I don’t have to get up).  I’m kind of hoping the adoration she gets from her brothers will prevent her from needing a boyfriend until she’s 22 or so.



My kind, sometimes heroic, husband finally getting our entryway painted.  Doesn’t that ladder look scary?  The warmer color is such an improvement — that area was shiny, dingy white before.  It took the two of us about 24 hours just painting (I did the low parts) to finish the job.


Cute Sam in his “76 trombones” outfit.  We loved watching him in The Music Man.  He would sing the songs at the top of his voice in the shower, so we all knew them by performance time.  The little kids were amazingly attentive during the 2 1/2 hour show.  There’s a silly song called “Shipoopi,” and Mary knows a lot of the words which is darn funny.

I’m trying to have fun and make a little Christmas magic for the kids, while pacing myself so I don’t get too tired.  And my Christmas shopping is 99% done, thanks to Amazon.com and that free shipping.  This isn’t my year for adorable decorations and creative projects though (ok, is it ever?), so I may not post too much of that kind of stuff.  Off to take a nap now.  And maybe make dinner.


8 thoughts on “ok, I get it now

  1. Katy

    I think you look cute. I know you probably sick of hearing you look “cute” when you’re pregnant. The clothes we wore when were pregnant with Jon/Ava were not flattering at all. They have come a long way with maternity clothes.

  2. anne

    Thanks for the post; I’ve been dying without you in the blog world. And the bit about your belly being in a different time zone was so funny I almost peed my pants. It is not weird that Mary and Jon sleep together (I think anyone who thinks that is the weird one). It is presh. And so is Sam. Holy cow is he cute. I wish I could be there when the little mister is born. I loved coming when you had Mary. You looked like a million bucks and you’d barely had her. OK now I’m rambling. I miss you.

  3. Sarah

    I think you look amazing. Personally I think it’s nice when only your belly gets big. This way you don’t have people questioning if you’re actually pregnant. We miss your posts, but I completely understand. I’m sure you’ll be back to blogging every day once the baby is born!!!

  4. Rachel

    I LOVE The picture of Mary and Jon … so CUTE! Hope you guys have a great Christmas … and you look FAR from “popping” as many people have commented (from last post!) — You look GREAT!

  5. Robin

    You have married a very, very brave man. Painting over stairs scares the living daylights out of me.

    You know, I think that camouflage actually works, because with you wearing that bright jacket and neutral colored shirt underneath, I seriously only noticed the jacket at first and had to look twice to see the belly because it kind of blended it to Sam’s shirt.

    And, as always, cute, cute kids. Enjoy that enthusiastic singing before they get old to be embarrassed about it!

  6. Emily

    belly in another time zone comment=funny! but really, you look darling. and i’m not just blowing sunshine up your skirt. you’re getting close now! can’t wait to “meet” your little man.

  7. other other liz

    you look so cute! all belly like a little ball is hiding under your shirt. although it probably doesn’t feel like a little ball. sorry, am i making this worse? sounds like you’re pretty close to due. i’ll stop.

    ps. thanks for your comment tonight! I needed it. and glad to see your site again. it was one i lost on my list when the hard drive crashed so i am excited to do some catching up. i enjoy your writing and experiences.

  8. sillyjillybean

    Love Love LOVED THIS BLOG ENTRY! Your kids are precious and the picture of Jon and Mary was adorable. Sophie and Ethan are like that, two peas in a pod and I just love it. They follow me around like a puppy dog. It’s great until I want privacy in bathroom. Glad to see yet another home improvement project. We just did our bedroom (carpet and paint and some new lighting). I just love it. Finally feeling like we put our stamp on this place. Thinking about you in these final weeks. Hope all continues to be good. Love you loads. P.S. Thanks for the help with B’s birthday song. It was a hit.


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