“compliments” I’ve heard this week

1. Well you look like you’re about to pop!

2. You look MUCH bigger than last time I saw you.

3. [to Matt] When is your wife due?  The end of January?  I don’t think she’s going to make it that long.

Do you think that last person thought that a.) the baby will come early (it won’t, trust me) b.) I will get so big by then that I will explode or c.) I’ll have a complete mental breakdown before then (possible)?

Could we go back to telling me that I look so cute?  Should I post a picture and you can all vote on whether I look like I’ll pop in the next nine weeks like some very large balloon?  Honestly, I don’t think I look that bad.  Just very pregnant.  And it’s all right out in front, which is probably what’s inspiring these charming comments.


13 thoughts on ““compliments” I’ve heard this week

  1. Jodi

    Just be reassured, carrying out in front is much better than on the sides and rear! I’m sure you still look adorable. Please do post a pic!

  2. Amy Brinton

    I sat next to you for over an hour today, and none of those thoughts crossed my mind. I thought that you looked nice in the all-black outfit. Very chic.

    Why can’t people just stick with “you look amazing!” You never go wrong with that.

  3. Christina

    This time I got:
    My sister swore I was having twins (thanks, Sarah!)

    “Baby almost here?” – nope, ten more weeks.

    “Is it the dress or are you really that big?” – I’m not sure, I was probably “that big”!


    “Are you really uncomfortable because you look really uncomfortable” – actually I felt great.

    Hope this makes you feel better! I’m sure you look great and now you have to post a picture!

  4. Jen H.

    I hope I’m not the one that said, “you look MUCH bigger!” Some pregnant women get annoyed when people tell them they don’t look pregnant at all (when you feel VERY pregnant)… it’s a fine line. Maybe we should all keep our mouths shut about pregnant women look all together!

  5. Sarah

    I sure you look marvelous. I don’t even haveto see you. I can just say it and know it’s true. Plus, if I said anything else (not that I ever would), I would never hear the end of it from my sister! You always look great. You shoud post a whole slide show!

  6. Robin

    OK, I will now disclose the confidential information that I have been too ashamed to admit to anyone else before now. I had a dentist appointment when I was eight months pregnant with James. Eight months, right? And I’m not tiny, right? So, two of the dentist’s assistants were whispering together at the back of the room for several minutes after I sat in the dentist chair, until one of them finally came up and just asked me, “Are you pregnant? We need to know if we should do x-rays or not.” I was MORTIFIED. This was not a compliment–that I was carrying in such a way that they weren’t sure if I was pregnant at eight months or just really super duper Lifetime-special-movie fat. At least you can tell that you are actually, unmistakeably PREGNANT! Count your blessings!

  7. kira

    hahaha…Love to hear that you are getting razzed about pregnancy too. Funny thing? People keep telling me I’m so small. It irritates the heck outta me. Why? Well for one I have stretch marks (new ones) and I feel like I can’t move around very well and I’m 3 weeks from my due date and at this point I wouldn’t mind looking like the baby is ready to be here – I feel like it! Guess it just goes to show that no matter what people say it might tick a pregnant lady off. :)

  8. Food Baby

    I’ve had mine for years, created mainly from a steady diet of Crown Burger’s finest and Red Barron pizzas. Think of it as….uh 9 months of food storage.


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