pumpkin guts

There are some things you get better at with practice.  I have to say, my ability to scrape all of the goo out of a pumpkin is pretty impressive.  You might think that little boys would think all of that slimy stuff was fun.  You would be wrong.  I always make them start the scooping, but their patience for it is extremely limited.  On the other hand, their ability to saw out facial features continues to improve with age. (You need some of those little pumpkin saws if you haven’t bought any yet.  They really are easier than a steak knife.  Safer too.)  I was so pleased that these two boys cut most of their self-designed faces out on their own.

The funniest one (she usually is lately) was Mary.  She didn’t care so much what the features looked like, but knew her pumpkin had to be a girl.  And that she needed to have shoes.  Everyone knows that the girl pumpkins are the ones with eyelashes.  Once we added the shoes, she seemed like she needed something more, and we thought the hat was adorable.

Stay tuned for Ben’s pumpkin.  Still working on it (nothing like the last minute).


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