halloween timeline

7:00 AM Every child in the house is awake and expecting me to get out of bed.  These are children that I usually physically drag out of bed around 7:30.

7:30 AM I finally get up.  The boys have managed to find most of their costume parts and get themselves a bowl of cereal.  Everyone is basically bouncing off the walls.  It’s still dark outside.  I perform this hair and makeup job (brilliant for this hour of the day, if I do say so myself),

get dressed (no time for a shower), and grab myself a water and a protein bar for breakfast.

8:00 AM Drop two kids off at elementary school A.

8:25 AM Drop third kid off for bus to elementary school B, then race back to elementary school A.

8:30 AM Stand in hallway for school A Halloween parade.  Miraculously catch pictures of both kids in first twenty minutes (see Robin Hood Jon below).  Also laugh hysterically at second grade dead ringer Sarah Palin impersonator.

9:00 AM Race over to school B.

9:15 AM School B’s Halloween parade.  Apparently Ben doesn’t care how hard I worked to get here, as does not even pause for the picture (has to keep up “Monster Mash” march tempo).  He’s right there in the center of the picture — I purposely didn’t crop it so you could appreciate the “school gym” ambiance I enjoyed for an hour with Mary on my lap.

10:15 AM Screen “Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown” for Mary (she falls asleep, weirdly — did I tell you she had the stomach flu AGAIN this week?).  Take a break to read YOUR blog.

11:30 AM Back to school A for first grade Halloween party.

12:45 PM Bring school A kids home.

1:00 PM Neighborhood Halloween party.  No pictures — at how many venues am I required to take photos today, I wonder?  Matt takes afternoon off (small miracle) and brings Ben from bus.

3:00 PM Carve fourth pumpkin with Ben, whose “tummy hurt too much” to carve it yesterday.  It did not, however, hurt too much to eat cold french fries, but I digress.  Sort seeds out of pumpkin guts for toasting later.

5:00 PM Prepare hamburger dinner, one of the few entrees every person in this household will eat, in vain attempt to put some protein in the already sugar-crazed bodies of my children.

6:00 PM Send kind-hearted husband out into the unseasonably warm, yet strangely damp, evening with all four children.  Sit down with DVD and big bowl of candy (for the trick or treaters, of course).  Toast pumpkin seeds — try this.  Open pomegranate apple cider in preparation for the candy hunters’ return (anyone think the anti-oxidants will help with glucose poisoning?).

Matt put on that “driller” uniform as a last-minute costume, not because he’s extra-concerned about Halloween safety.

8:15 PM Weary travelers return home (I had been afraid the boys would last even longer).  Small black cat asleep already.  I’m pretty tired too, and collapse on the couch.  The aftermath can wait until tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “halloween timeline

  1. Christina

    pomegranate apple cider? I have never even heard of that – it sounds so good.

    I can’t believe your day – I think you definitely deserve a pedicure after that one. Or at least to sleep-in tomorrow!

  2. Emily

    love Mary’s pumpkin! And Jon’s Robin Hood get-up. And that hair/make-up job was fantastic.
    (yawn!) I need a nap after just reading that post. I hope you get one every now and then.


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