murphy’s laws of motherhood

These are just the ones that apply right this minute – I’m sure you can think of more….

If you start telling people a child was “so easy to potty train” and “she practically trained herself” she will immediately start wetting her pants, possibly even refusing to use the potty at all.

If you ever reach a moment in life where you feel you might have home and family just about under control, one of your children will come down with the stomach flu.


P.S. This isn’t a Murphy’s Law, but is it possible we could end the societal practice of telling pregnant women how cute they look?  Maybe some people like it, but I for one don’t feel a bit cute and would like to know what is cute about gaining 20 pounds around my mid-section.  Please.  When the baby comes out, you can tell me how cute HE is all day long.  Just had to get that off my chest.


5 thoughts on “murphy’s laws of motherhood

  1. Marla

    YES! I just want to vent because I was just discussing this with Kevin that people keep saying to me that I look “totally the same as I did before I was pregnant”. So, I’ve usually said “thanks” but I’m now 20 weeks and my stomach sticks out further than my F sized chest so when my friend said it yesterday I finally said “No! No I can’t possibly because I’ve gained 15 pounds and my stomach is huge and are you saying I normally look 15 pounds heavier than I did before?” And she said “Come on, can’t you wear the same pants as before?” And I said “No, no I cannot, I can’t even rubber band them and have banished them to the back of the closet!”

    Thanks for bringing that up because I totally wanted to say that, but not on my own blog.

    Please say something like, “You look so healthy and I’m sure your uterus is totally doing a great job!”

  2. Robin

    You know what I hate? The comments about how you’re “glowing”. I don’t see how not sleeping more than two hours at a stretch before you have to get up to go to the bathroom (often occurring at the same time as some child’s nightmare or becoming sick in the middle of the night, keeping you awake for another hour or two) can contribute to a bright and fresh complexion. But then, what’s the alternative? We don’t really need people telling us we actually do look as bad as we feel, do we?

  3. kira

    ha! your posts always crack me up. You know what I hate when people ask you if you are having twins…seriously someone did with Parker. What I love? The doctor telling me I’m “all baby”. Ha! Until the last month when I just keep getting bigger and bigger!


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