good news

I’ve heard from two people since this annyoning post who would love to be pregnant and aren’t.  Message received.  Stop whining. 

The good news is, I’ve finally got the kids situated in their new rooms, with an official “guest room” until the baby arrives (anyone want to visit between now and January?).  I’m still getting the last few things done in each room (Did you know that a child of any age needs their own bulletin board?  They do.), and then maybe I’ll post some pictures.

And, all of the kids have a Halloween costume, mostly repurposed, with one new (cheap, tacky) Iron Man costume in the mix.

And, we put up a few Halloween decorations, after one of my boys told me we were “the only ones” without any cool decorations, and further, that good Halloween decorations needed to be scary, not cute.

And Mary is basically potty trained.  Turns out the rumors about girls being easier than boys to train are in this case 100% true.  A three month break from diapers?  What will we do?

And I’m not hosting Thanksgiving this year (thanks, Robin!)!

So, the big agenda now is to get all of the Christmas shopping done before my belly gets too big to fit behind the wheel of my van.  I’m thinking in the next month would be good.  Let me know if anyone has a brilliant idea about what to get Anne and her family, who are so adorable as to be impossible to shop for (send me an email so she won’t see your comment — thanks).


7 thoughts on “good news

  1. Robin

    I don’t know who started that rumor about girls being easier to potty train than boys. It sure wasn’t me, because our kids were the exact opposite. But congrats about Mary’s achievement! What a relief! It may only be three months, but it’s three months while you’re pregnant, so it’s worth double points.

  2. Katy

    OK, that is annoying that Mary is potty trained. I have thought girls easy to potty train until I met my match in Mia. I am impressed with your accomplishments, I hope to be inspired to get myself reorganized.

  3. Sarah

    I am so jealous! I always made fun of the size 6 diapers at the store. Who would need those? Oh yeah, that’s right, me! Whatever. One day we’ll get things sorted out around here. I can’t wait to see the pictures of the bedrooms.

  4. sillyjillybean

    Sarah, We have been in size 6 diapers since Ethan was 3 months old. And now, at the age of 23 months, need size 7 (we might move to the adult depends version). Regardless, congrats Liz, very jealous….again.

  5. kira

    Think of all the extra moola your are saving for those 3 months without diapers. You gotta love one less thing on your shopping list. Maybe we can both see if we can have all our Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving? (although I only have 2 kids to shop for…) Maybe we can come see the new bedrooms at Thanksgiving!


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