some bad news

Well, not that bad.  Don’t mean to alarm anyone.  I’m still pregnant, almost 24 weeks, which some people would call six months, but do the math — if you measure that way, the whole thing takes ten months which is completely depressing.  A month is slightly more than four weeks, people.  I prefer to date my pregnancies by counting backwards from my due date (January 24), which puts me just past five months.  But it seems like forever!  And that brings me to my bad news revelation.

You cute young moms who have birthed a baby or two, I hate to tell you, but after about the third one, it gets worse.  You know that thing people say about the second trimester, the thing where it’s the fun/easy part?  You look so cute with your little bump, you don’t feel pukey any more, you can still sleep at night, you aren’t in too much pain or discomfort?  I would have agreed with that the first two, maybe even three times, but now?  All bets are off. 

Let me just describe month five/six with the fifth pregnancy.  I look big enough that you might think I’m ready to have a baby any time.  Ok, I’m not that big, but I did just meet a very cute girl who is due any day with her first, and I swear I looked as big as she did.  (I definitely look as big as Nicole Kidman did at term, but probably not a good idea to compare myself to her, pregnant or not.)  My belly protrudes enough that my lower back is already killing me.  Actually my upper back hurts pretty bad too, which is either bad posture, or my giant chest.  My hips are already achy, which I am pretty sure usually doesn’t happen until the end.  And I’m exhausted.

Was that whiny enough?  The trouble is, I still have FOUR months to go, and I know all of this is just going to get worse.  I hope I didn’t just talk anyone out of having a big family, because the level of chaos around here is something I know many people aspire to attain.  I keep trying to remind myself not to be cynical, that this baby is a miracle, that he was what I really wanted.  But, I managed to complain enough to a friend at church Sunday that she showed up with dinner for my family Monday night.  For shame!

I’m going to start thinking up something inspiring for my next post, because I think a rant is good for the soul on occasion, but this level of negativity better not be the headliner for long.


7 thoughts on “some bad news

  1. Nana

    I honestly do remember and truly sympathize, sweet Liz. Do try to stand up straight and do all the pull-ins and tucks. It will help. You are only 33!! I have a few things to rant about but I won’t. It would for sure show my age! We are all thrilled you are at 24 weeks with Tom or Tim or Rob or Pete or Steve or whatever his name is.

  2. Christina

    Your post is motivating me to stop at three! This pregnancy has been pretty good up until this last little bit, now I’m so ready to be done – but hopefully I will be soon! And I am sure you are not big, I can’t even imagine it!

  3. kira

    I’ve noticed a lot of differences with #3 – mostly I’m hotter than sin! (temperature wise mind you) Sorry about all the aches and pains. Good to hear about someone who has it “worse” than I do…keeps things in perspective for me!

  4. LCM

    You should’ve seen the way I irritated my mom. I have just the two, I’m tall as Nicole Kidman and all of that puking is like 1,000 crunches a day. She, with all of her 9 kids and 11 pregnancies, looked ready to deliver at 5months. She had to deal with all of the questions. She would just give up, if she wasn’t going to see them again, and just say, yes she was going to deliver next week. I am so sorry, get all of your holiday preparations finished, Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc and just spend then next several months with your feet propped up!

  5. Jen H.

    Don’t feel too bad, I’m only 12 weeks and people think I’m about 20 weeks because my bump is so big! People are always surprised when I say, “just 12!” Maybe it’s just cuz I don’t feel like I have to suck anything in anymore, so I just let it all hang out! I know what girl you are referring to that is due any day now, there was an audible gasp when she said she was due in 3 weeks! She looked like she was 3 or 4 months along!

  6. Jacque

    I can totally relate with you Liz in that with your multiple pregnancies it is never as exciting as your 1st or 2nd. You are still excited to be bringing another child into your home but it is hard not to feel like…been there done that. I remember Dr. Binette telling me ” I hate to say it but everything that you hated or was hard in your pregnancy, you will hate worse and will get harder.” Woohoo! But as you make it through and waddle into that delivery room the joy and elation you feel for your fifth is just as vibrant as your first…only you are smart enough to get your epidural early and stay an extra day in the hospital!! Best wishes to you and take advantage of all those little hands you have around the house to lotion your feet and legs…mine used to fight over who would do that ;)


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