a name for the baby?

I couldn’t just leave that last post at the top of the blog — way too whiny.  So I thought I’d give you this little revelation — a possible name for the fourth baby boy?  What do you think of Samuel, Benjamin, Jonathan, and Dieter?  I’m mostly kidding, but I must tell you that I think this guy can pretty much do no wrong:


For those that have no idea who he is, I believe he is an apostle of the Lord, and you can read a little bio about him here.  His talk at our General Relief Society meeting last Saturday night was one of the best I’ve ever heard, and if you weren’t listening/watching, you should go here.  I keep waiting for the text of his message to be posted (the other talks from that night are already up?) but now I think if you missed it you should not wait to read his words.  Some of the greatness was in his delivery, and you really need to watch him to get the whole message (follow that second link to do that!).  Did anyone else think he was particularly thoughtful and inspired the other night?


10 thoughts on “a name for the baby?

  1. Marla

    Dieter is a sweet name and when he grows up he can host “Sprockets” with his monkey Klaus.

    Also, Dieter the apostle’s talk was great and I really liked his message of getting out and doing things for other people.

  2. Alice

    I LOVED his talk. It was so inspiring! And Dieter could be a cool name, especially if he was named after such an awesome guy.

  3. Robin

    I don’t know about the name, but I thought it was hilarious how Merilee was talking the other night about how handsome he was. I can’t remember ever hearing someone calling one of the Twelve “cute” before!

  4. kira

    I was just telling Aaron about his talk this morning. I was feeling so crappy I almost didn’t make it to the RS broadcast, but I bucked up ’cause I know it is always great and his talk was the icing on the cake!

  5. Emily

    I’ve thought of you several times since seeing you last month. I am so thankful to hear that all is going well with your pregnancy … despite the complaints in your last post. :)
    For boys names … I am partial to Elijah Michael.
    love to you!

  6. Amy Brinton

    I just posted this morning about this talk, particularly about the satisfaction that comes from creative acts. Do you think that the talk held special appeal to you because of the “nesting” tendencies in pregnancy?

  7. Millie

    I thought of Dieter on “Sprockets” too, but only people from a certain generation would think of that, if they remember it at all.

    In my crystal ball I see a Dallin-esque wave of little Dieters on the horizon.


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