The following items are going on Craig’s List, but I thought I’d offer them here first, in case someone I love wants them.  Let me know ASAP, because I really need them out of my house!

One treadmill, works perfectly well.  Doesn’t fold up or do anything fancy.  Does have a “safety key.”  We’ve had it for about eight years, but let’s be honest:  it’s been “gently used.”  Everlast brand.

One laser printer.  Works and even has a working toner cartridge.  Comes with a cable (we have two, depending on how old your computer is).  Six years old.  Samsung brand, which is a cheaper one, but works well.

And in the “we are stupid” category, the de-humidifier we moved with us from Ohio.  If you are leaving Utah for a damper climate, please, please let me send this with you.  It works fine and definitely helped our Ohio basement stay drier.

These are obviously all bulky items and not worth transporting, so this only applies to those of you who live in our local area, but if they could bless your life in any way (even if you are reading this and don’t exactly know me) please let me know.  If I haven’t heard anything in 4 or 5 days, they’re outta here!


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