quick update

I feel kind of bad that I haven’t been posting very often.  Not because I think you’re all sitting at your computers waiting to hear from me, but because I know how delighted I am when people I love post something.  After reading Anne’s post yesterday, I thought about what a positive thing blogging can be, and I want to try to do better and more with it.

I have actually made progress on both of the small problems from my last post.  Based on very helpful suggestions, I found a great little Canon camera on Amazon.com.  Great price, and very good reviews.  It’s on its way here, so I’ll post some pictures as soon as I have it.  I know some of you wanted me to convert to the SLR, but I just know myself well enough to know that right now, what I need is portable and easy.

And, I’ve purchased paper mache letters to spell all four of my kids’ names, which took three craft-store trips to accomplish.  Brother.  I’m leaning towards Danielle’s suggestion (click on the comments in the previous post if you’re curious), which seems the most manageable for me.  I didn’t even know about paint pens Danielle!  Now I have purchased some and am experimenting with them before doing the actual project.  Oh, and still no name for the baby, but I did have a weird dream last night that I named him Robert, after the man who wrote the play Steel Magnolias.  You’d appreciate that, Anne.

My house is in disarray right now, because we have decided to shuffle all of the children’s bedrooms around in preparation for the new baby.  The biggest mess is all of the junk I’ve been hording/storing in my office for three years (I blame you for this illness, mom.), which has nowhere to go, because the office is becoming a bedroom.  And, yesterday seemed like a fun day to pull out all of my baby clothes and sort through them with Anne — she scored a tiny pile of cute girl clothes; DI scored a huge pile of things so pathetic I can’t figure out why I saved them.  Of course, I pulled out too much at once and was too tired to put it all back.  Disarray, I tell you.  Sounds like I’d better get to work, doesn’t it?


2 thoughts on “quick update

  1. danielle

    1. I am sitting at my computer waiting to hear from you.
    2. Glad I could broaden your craft horizons. Hopefully you’ll post a photo when you are all done.
    3. I also appreciate the Steel Magnolias reference…did you know I went to see you perform in that play, with Anne 2 or 3 times.
    4. My house is in disarray too. But am planning on cleaning it today in preparation for Anne coming over to my house and doing some crafting of our own.

  2. kira

    congrats on the camera! So is Sam moving downstairs? I hear ya about starting a project and then not having the energy to put thigns back!


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