And the winner is….

I had a very sweet conversation with my three boys in the car this morning.  Reminding them that we would likely learn the gender of our baby today, I inquired which they thought it would be — a boy, or a girl.  (Matt had already asked them last night whether they thought it would be a mammal or a reptile, which I didn’t find all that funny.)  Two boys were rooting for the home team, “A boy, a boy!”  The third said thoughtfully, “We already have a lot of boys.  Maybe another girl would be good.”  At which point Mary chimed in “Grill, grill!” (That’s how she says girl at the moment.)

“Why does Mary want it to be a girl?” one of the boys wondered. 

“Well, she’d like to have a sister, don’t you think?”

“Yeah.  Maybe it should be a girl.” 

And that quickly, everyone was on Mary’s team.  It felt kind of tender that my young boys would be sensitive to someone else’s feelings, and I said a quick prayer of thanks for the wisdom to marry a kind, sensitive man.  Is kindness learned or inherited?  Both, I think.

They went to school.  She went to a friend’s house.  I went to the ultrasound.

It’s a boy. 

Hopefully, another kind, sensitive one.


15 thoughts on “And the winner is….

  1. Jen H.

    ahhh, another boy. I wonder if that will be our destiny as well. We’d love a sister for Kaitlin, but like you, maybe it will be a brother. Our next ones will also be the same age, so a boy would probably be your boy’s friend… that would be fun! Nonetheless, Congratulations are definitely in order! YEA!

  2. kira

    Congrats! I’m sure there will be times later down the road that you are glad you only have to deal with the emotions of one girl going through “changes”….:)

  3. kate

    Cute story about your boys! They are so sweet! I hope my boy is tender like that. And of course, congrats about the news! I’m thrilled for you!

  4. Rachel Owens

    Liz … congrats – as a mother of only ONE boy … so all I know is BOY … boys are fun – and I’m sure that 4 boys will be LOTS of fun … think of all those guys as one day missionaries – 4 strapping warriors :) Congratulations!

  5. Sarah

    I feel like we are always following in your footsteps with babies and baby names. It’s good to know what the future holds for us!! We are so excited for you. I just wish we were closer so that some of your family’s tenderness coul rub off on some of my family’s brutishness(?)!

  6. liz

    Cecily Spencer adds her congratulations and says sign her Sophie up for the support group for girls with 4 brothers who have no chance of having a sister!

    We are all delighted that all is well, Liz.

  7. danielle

    Oh that is so fun to find out! I remember feeling a little bit sad (along with being thrilled beyond belief) after I found out we were having a girl, because before you know for sure, you get to imaging both–and after you find out, you lose one of those imaginings. At any rate…I still think it is fun to know. I am so happy to hear that you are having another sweet baby boy, and that you are both healthy!

  8. Denise

    Many congratulations, Liz. It must be such high drama going in for that gender ultrasound. And Mary will be a fortunate girl indeed to have four wonderful brothers.

  9. robinbl

    Havin’ babies is like a box of chocolates–ya never know what you’re gonna get. But whatever you get, they’re all sweet!

  10. Emily

    wonderful news! i’m sure at this point, knowing the gender is just icing — i’m so glad you and baby are healthy. this world could use more kind, gentle boys; i’m glad you’re growing another one.

  11. Kjersten

    YAHOO!! Liz–this is fantastic news–your pregnancy is going well and ANOTHER BOY!!! It was so wonderful seeing you this summer and catching up and letting our kiddos play! Another boy is great, one more and you will have the missionary-filled Woodley family (we just welcomed the last one-Loren-home!) Mary can handle the all these men in her life- I am sure of it! So I just lost a complete hour researching the sad story you mentioned, I am in complete shock for c jane and her family. I have been in my cali bubble and hadn’t heard any of the news…definitely makes one grateful.


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