news, news

My mother is not going to leave me alone until I post something on this blog.  So here it is.

Besides having a busy summer with three big trips and three big kids home all day (or in other words, utter chaos), here is what I have been doing:

trying to will myself not to throw up (it’s working, except that one night)

trying to figure out how to get a nap in, amongst the four demanding children

trying to decide what to eat next (usually doing this in the middle of what I’m eating currently)

Yes, I’m pregnant again.  If anyone’s counting, this is the fourth out of the past five summers that I’ve done this — yes Dad, I know how it happens.  Also, if you’re counting, this is my tenth pregnancy, and I have committed to my husband that rain or shine, it will be the last.

I am 13 weeks along, and if you think about it, please say a little prayer for me.  Based on my previous history, the next four weeks are the critical part.  They are watching me pretty closely and doing several not-so-fun interventions (two of which involve needles) to try to up my chances for success.  And so far, everything looks good.

So that’s why I don’t feel like blogging.

As requested, my one summer accomplishment (or two, I guess):




15 thoughts on “news, news

  1. Jacque

    I have garden envy. It looks beautiful! Prayers currently headed upward in your behalf…speaking from someone who belongs to the Presidential Prayer Team…does that up my status?

  2. kate

    Oohh… beautiful sq foot garden!!! Jealous! Your flowers also look amazing! You have such a green thumb! Congratulations on the pregnancy. I’ll pray this one sticks around for sure. Are they making you give yourself shots? If so, I’ve done it, and it’s the pits. Although you may have it worse… your sick too. Turns out I just did it for the heck of it.

  3. robinbl

    Good to see you back…your mom is not the only one who missed your blog! Although we definitely understand if you can’t get around to it. Wow, I didn’t fully realize that you’ve been pregnant ten times. We are so praying for that little baby to make it through to the finish line (and your sanity too).

  4. Jen H.

    oh YEA! Congrats!!! You will be in our thoughts and prayers over these next few weeks!!! BTW, I’ve missed your blog posts too… and if you get bored when your kids go back to school, i’d be more than willing to let you garden for me! ;) Seriously, congrats you guys!

  5. danielle

    Oh liz congratulations! We will keep you in our prayers. Take care of yourself, and take it easy! Your flowers are beautiful. And I say you should never blog if you don’t feel like it.

  6. Emily

    Congratulations, Liz. I really hope everything works out from here — we’ll be praying that it does. Hope you’re finding time for those naps and finding things that taste good, too.

  7. Katy

    I am so glad to see that you are still doing OK. I am excited to see you guys soon. I will be in touch soon to see what your plans are at this point. And lots of prays are being said in your behalf. I hope all continues to go well.

  8. Christina

    I’ve missed your posts. Congratulations – I hope and pray everything goes well for you. Just randomly the other day I was reading about lacto-fermentation and I read that a lot of those foods are more tolerable for pregnant women with sensitive tummies. Maybe some not-so-spicy kimchi would sit well?

    Your garden looks amazing! I’m jealous!

  9. kira

    Wow. That looks like a lot of work…the pregnancy and the garden! Congrats. Hope those nasty shots are doing their job!

  10. Rachel Owens

    Liz – Congratulations! I had been WONDERING — since prior you were so good about keeping up with your posts. Your garden is Beautiful – I hope all goes well the next few weeks – you will most definitely be in our prayers.


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