it’s a miracle!

I’m about to make a startling admission:  I’m not that good at laundry.  Shocking.  Other things I’m not that good at include making toddlers wear a bib while they are eating and remembering to make kids change from nice clothes into play clothes when they’re about to get really dirty.  This combination of facts didn’t seem to matter that much when I only had boys.  They can wear stained shirts to school, right?

Along came Mary with a bunch of pink, white, and off-white items, some of which I actually paid full price for (sh, don’t tell Matt), and some of which are very nice high-quality hand-me-downs I’m planning to return to the sharer.  So I’m folding laundry this week and thinking, this is just sad.  Sad, sad, sad. 

I formulated a plan which involved a large quantity of my seldom-used tub of Oxi-Clean, hot water and a big bucket.  I left the pathetic items soaking overnight, and lo and behold, it worked.  Every stain was not removed, but a lot of dingy, brownish/greyish areas nearly disappeared.  And I’m talking about items that have been stained for months, washed and dried multiple times.  I guess I just admitted that the girl has been wearing stained clothes.  Now some of these things look good enough for taking her somewhere I’m trying to impress people, not just for playing in the driveway.

So if any of you are similarly sloppy about stain-removal, it’s Oxi-Clean I tell you.  Use a bunch, and leave it overnight.  Do you think if I contacted them, they’d pay for this endorsement?  Because ever since I heard about that Doose woman, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a buck with this blog.


3 thoughts on “it’s a miracle!

  1. Emily

    Ah! Stain removal is so triumphant. I just ran out of a bottle of spray-on Oxi-clean that also seemed to work nicely on stains. Good stuff.

  2. robinbl

    You know, one of the reasons these blogs are so fun is that you find out stuff about people that you never knew before, probably because you never got around to asking. I, too, am very bad at laundry. In fact, I have not bought myself a white shirt in about five years because I knew it would be ruined within a month. And, sad to say, I can’t entirely blame it on the kids. I’m something of a stain magnet myself. Looks like I’ll have to get myself a bucket of Oxi-clean! Question: does it work on grease stains as well?


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