photo of the day — Tuesday, April 15

I started my day at the gym (go, me!) and ended it with some of Matt’s soon-to-be-former co-workers here, negating any positive effects of the exercise, I am sure:


3 thoughts on “photo of the day — Tuesday, April 15

  1. kate

    Liz, who do you use for your lawn care? Can you give me the number or website? I need to get someone out to our house ASAP!!! Thanks!

    And I love the daily pictures!

  2. Christina

    Since you worked out in the morning it makes justifying the dinner a little easier! Lately, I have been eating whatever I want and lots of it – I’m sure I’m going to gain over 50 pounds this time if I keep it up!

  3. Andrew

    Wow, Ruth’s Chris Stake House. That probably not only negated your exercise, but also set you back a pretty penny. I’ve heard it’s EXCELLENT food, but also very expensive. Is it weird to think that Matt has three more days at the company for which he has worked for 90% of your marriage?


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