photo of the day — Monday, April 14

I was wondering what would happen if I only did laundry once a week.  Yes, it was a project, but I didn’t have to think about if for the six other days, and since my children all have way too many clothes, no one ran out of anything.  I didn’t do any sheets — I don’t do those every week, do you?  What does a week’s laundry for six people look like? 


2 thoughts on “photo of the day — Monday, April 14

  1. Marla

    I usually just do the laundry when I see it getting to the top of my hamper, or when I see Jane wearing something that I know was at the bottom of her drawer. Don’t pass out Mom.

    Also, front loading washers are fabulous and fit a lot of clothes! Then you get to the folding and wonder why they have to fit so many clothes.

    My sheet washing goes down exponentially the higher the sheets are on a bunk bed. I get to my sheets about once every two weeks.


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