inspiration from the boob-tube

I know I’ve admitted before that I sometimes watch too much tv, but it is kind of my go-to for winding down at night.  It only becomes a problem when the wind-down starts before the sun goes down (like when Oprah comes on at 4 PM).  Lately, though, I’ve been so busy, I don’t usually assume my couch potato position until at least nine, and often not until 10, which is when the local news comes on Mountain Time (Does anyone know why the networks think people in the middle of the country go to bed earlier?  Do you think they’re right?).  Local news is sometimes interesting, often depressing, usually laughable (why do they spend so much time on sports?  why do they start the weather with corny photos sent in by viewers?), but when it’s over there’s Nightline.  Would you argue with me if I said that I think Nightline is a quality news show?  It’s just smarter.

Recently on Nightline, there was a fascinating piece about humanists (pretty much atheists) who formed a community for Sunday meetings almost like a church service, but not.  It was pretty thought-provoking, and as a believer, I have to say, these people are so close to the truth.  Their desire to fellowship with others, their desire to find meaning in life and to teach their children values, they are right on target.  They believe that humans are a force for good in the world, and guess what?  We believe that too, only we believe that the good inside of us comes from God.  You can read more about it here, only I would recommend avoiding the “comments” on the story, which as you can imagine are kind of heated and mostly stupid.

Then last night, we watched a story about a chorus of old people who rock, and I kept thinking, these 80-year-olds are cooler than I am!  When I’m done raising kids, can I start singing Jimi Hendrix songs?  They were careful to note that these people don’t want to be considered “precious” or doted on.  They just want to rock and roll.  Read more here.  Or search on youtube for “young @ heart” to watch them in action.

Also, this isn’t new and you probably saw something about it last fall since possibly every news outlet in America covered it, from Oprah to the Wall Street Journal, but Diane Sawyer last night on Primetime interviewed the “last lecture” guy, who is dying of cancer and wanted to leave some life advice for his young children.  That sounds kind of corny, but I don’t think he’s corny at all.  He is smart.  My two favorite moments in this particular interview:  to “what if they made a movie about you?” he said there was no actress pretty enough to play his wife (ok that was a little corny, but come on!).  And when asked what they want to still do before he dies they both explained that they just want to enjoy and remember the little everyday moments of life with their kids.  (Not climb Everest?  Not travel the world?)  They have three children seven and under, and this interview really made me think about what I do all day with my kids.  What am I teaching them in small ways and in everyday moments?  (That goes pretty well with Anne’s recent post, too.)  Here’s the recent Diane Sawyer story — scroll down for links to the actual lecture.  He has a website and a new book, which can be found easily by searching for “last lecture.”

So see, it’s not all bad, the tv watching.  Right?   Right?


3 thoughts on “inspiration from the boob-tube

  1. Marla

    I say, whatever it takes to get you through the day, your children alive and husband happy.

    It’s not like Nightline is the new Days of our Lives or anything. Unless that one guy is like Beau and that one lady is like Hope behind the scenes.

    Plus I’ll tell you what’s good for the soul, a little Chris Vanocur, if that’s how you spell his name.

  2. LCM

    Hey, I love that TV comes on an hour earlier in the mountain and central regions. That way I can watch all sorts of stuff and still get into bed at a reasonable hour. Plus, some trashy tv is good to wind down with.


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