in review

I took a little hiatus from the “photo of the day” series last week.  Don’t worry, adoring fans, it will be back.  I’ve just been a little pre-occupied.  Also, the photos wouldn’t have been too pretty.  Would you like to look at the yards of smelly carpet Matt and I hauled out of our enormous attic last week?  How about a nice shot of a dumpster in my yard?  Or the tacky paneling I single-handedly ripped out of the back room of my garage?  My back and shoulders were sore, but I’ll tell you, demolition is good for the soul.  Some other events of the week:

Drove kids to school, play rehearsals, soccer practices, piano lessons, etc.  And back.

Hosted a whole bunch of kids and moms for a luncheon — I didn’t provide the food, just the location.  And man did they make a mess.

Entertained a surprisingly docile bunch of cub scouts.

Endured a torturous dentist appointment (just a cleaning, but man that scraping strikes a nerve), followed by an only slightly less torturous cub scout “round table.”

Removed the entire contents of my rather large refrigerator/freezer to the kitchen table (I should have taken a picture of that sight — it was comical) in preparation for placing it in my new one.  The best thing, though, is my new range, which is a vision of loveliness compared to the old one.  [note:  we’re taking advantage of G.E. employee discounts while we still can…changes are in the works with Matt’s employment]  [note 2:  some women are really into jewelry, but I’ll take some stainless steel bling any day]

Sat through a colder-than-expected soccer game with wet hair (good thinking).  Have you watched five year-olds play soccer?  It is so dang funny.

Listened to many hours of general conference over two days, which is always inspiring and relaxing, with the exception of the Sunday morning session, which we insisted our kids be in the room for — not even to listen, just to be in the room — which was the longest two hours of my life.  Ok, not my whole life, but the week.  Felt encouraged by Elder Ballard (text will be available Thursday at and amused/pleased that he quoted Anna Quindlen.

Enjoyed a little female interaction during the priesthood session, including a round of Apples to Apples, a game I can wholeheartedly recommend.

Attended a reunion of some of the people Matt knew on his mission to Brazil.  Haven’t absorbed any Portuguese by osmosis.  Observed many beautiful part and/or full Brazilian children and decided my Mary could pass for one of them.

A typical, busy week.  The photo of the day will be back — I miss it, even if no one else does.


10 thoughts on “in review

  1. Danielle

    loved that talk by elder ballard! am really excited for you and your new appliances. and is it ok that we are having my baby shower at your house? seriously. are you going to make it?

  2. Sarah R

    I can’t wait to see all of the pictures! Right now you’re my main source of decorating inspiration, so you’ve got to let me see what’s going on.

    Anna Quindlen was actually speaking here today or yesterday, but it was at a Planned Parenthood function. I haven’t seen a copy of her speech yet, but I’m always a little nervous when PP is your sponsor.

    p.s. We sent off the postcard today. Hopefully it arrives.

  3. liz Post author

    Danielle, the shower will be fine — this is just a normal week for me! Plus, I love the extra motivation it gives me to get my house clean.

    Sarah, I feel a little bad that I’m your inspiration — I mean, I think I’m ok at decorating, but not too exciting. I’m finally almost finished re-hanging stuff in my living room, so I’ll post a picture soon. Anna Quindlen is tres liberal, which is why I thought it was fun that Elder Ballard quoted her — I like her though, except when I disagree violently with some of her views. Thanks for doing the postcard thing — and promptly!

  4. LCM

    Hey I didn’t know you were up to so much? I have missed the photos of the week. It’s true that demolition is good for the soul and the back.

  5. Vicki

    Your new appliances are so awesome! You live a very full and exciting life–I’d say you’re very productive.

  6. Emily

    Glad you had a good, busy week. Can’t wait to see pictures of the results of all your demolition, you will post some won’t you?

    Looking forward to the return of the daily photo!

    Oh, and about our picnic quilt: no, I didn’t make it. I wish I could claim credit for its creation (or anything sewn for that matter) but I can’t. It was a wedding gift from my grandma — it’s very cute and practical, and I don’t think it was too tricky to make. I think it’s just pieced bandanas quilted with big, white yarn stitches.

  7. sillyjillybean

    Loved the “laundry list” of activities you did this week. Feels like mom jobs and the whole demolition stuff feels so good! Can’t wait for some pics of this stuff! P.S. While Elder Ballard was speaking just to me, my husband was yelling at me to keep the kids quiet so he and his parents could enjoy conference:)


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