photo of the day — Friday, March 28


Look what I finally got done!  (Do all of my projects come with a “finally” descriptor?)  Photography here.  Frames here.  Did you know that 12 x 12 square prints are only $3.99 at Costco?  That means if I get tired of looking at pictures of my kids where their heads are bigger than actual size, I can change them.


9 thoughts on “photo of the day — Friday, March 28

  1. Sarah R

    I love all of photography dislays. You are my inspiration for an attempt at a family history wall, but I’m not having too much luck as of yet. I’m going to Ikea this eek-end, so maybe I’ll pick up ome of those frames.

  2. Danielle

    OOH I love it liz! It looks great. I am pretty excited to have kids because then I will finally have someone to display pictures of besides me and Trav.

    Anyway, love Costco huh? And love your photo wall.

  3. anne

    That turned out gorgeous, Liz. My back-breaking effort paid off! (I’m such a doofus.) I think I’m going to buy some before we move because I want to do some in my house, too. :)

  4. Jill

    Liz the pictures/frames look fantastic. I am so impressed. I am still trying to get to a couple of frames that just need the pictures put in them then be hung. I am a slow poke! I also went on Trina’s web page. She is impressive. Told Brian I want to get a family photo this summer. Enough waiting till we are skinny!


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