photo of the day — Saturday, March 22


The Easter bunny comes to our house on Saturday, so that Easter Sunday can be more focused upon the Savior.  This year, everyone got a stuffed animal made from gloves (get this book).  (Don’t be too impressed — these were started last fall for their Christmas stockings, and finished after midnight on Friday night.)  Their baskets also had one book and three Hershey’s kisses, plus some Moose Munch from my mom (you have no idea how hard it was for me to not just save that for myself).  And that was it.  No junky toys, no messy Easter grass, no excessive candy — the secret is to keep their expectations low.  And they each got the book they had been wanting, so they were thrilled.


2 thoughts on “photo of the day — Saturday, March 22

  1. Danielle

    I think that is kind of a great idea with the candy. I used to never eat all my easter candy anyway and it would just sit in a drawer… or one year I left in a window and it all melted. Anyway, books are much more fun!

  2. Sarah R

    I totally agree with keeping expectations low. I think Doug’s official title is “Expectations Manager!” Our kids got one chocolate bunny, peeps (big mistake!), a ball and a coloring book. Maybe if I start now I could finish some sock toys for next year!


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